In Between Days.

I've been back home (London home, that is) for three weeks already. It's good to have time speeding by as usual, rather than the excruciating slowness that was waiting back in Sydney. Work is work. Home is home. Kitters is kitters. Jase is Jase. Routines are lovely.

In saying that though, I feel like I'm ready for a bit of a change now. England has two public holidays coming up in May, so last weekend we spontaneously booked ourselves two getaways. Next weekend, we're going to catch the EuroStar to Belgium for three days; we'll travel through Brussels but have decided to stay in Bruges, as it looks much prettier. Towards the end of May, we're flying to Switzerland for a few more days; we're going to stay in Zurich, but also travel to Interlaken & visit Jungfraujoch and the Rhine Falls. I might actually burst from the excitement of it all.

How convenient that both destinations have one well-known food item that they are famous for... not that that's why we chose them... ha!

Back on the London front, I'm ready to move house. Jason did a great job of finding this place when he originally moved here back in October 07, and it's been perfect for us since then. The price we pay in rental was not bad, and the flat itself is quite modern and spacious for a one-bedroom. I think the main downfall of our little flat, is its location. We're in East London, and our transport links aren't that great. Yes, there is a fairly direct railway line near us, but it's been undergoing renovations for months, and is totally unreliable. If you head closer to Central London, there are buses everywhere. What I would give to be able to catch a bus to work, rather than being cooped up in a clammy tube for another summer!

What started as a bit of an innocent look to see what flats are out there right now, has turned into a bit of an obsession. I've been checking online every lunch break, monitoring prices, getting a feel for different areas in the city. It seems like the prices are coming down a lot, most likely due to the current economic state over here, so our 'good value' place way out here, really isn't all that great at the moment. As soon as Jase finds out if his work contract will be extended again, I think we're going to make a decision on what to do next.

This next month should be great!

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Ree said...

Ooooooooh. New home hunting is always fun!

Jacinta said...

Glad to hear you are settling back in so quickly. I am totally jealous of your trip to Belgium and especially Bruges. It is a gorgeous city. And the food is magnificent. I remember crispy waffles with melted chocolate and fresh strawberries. mmmmm.
But the thing I remember most about Bruges is BANANA beer! Seriously! I don't generally like beer, but banana beer is something else. Has to be tap not bottled. you won't find it everywhere, but it's worth the search.

As for living in London, I moved around a lot. Stoke Newington and Manor House, Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith, Chiswick, Richmond and Kew Gardens. Loved the West side of town (which is where I spent the majority of my time in the UK) and it suited the location of my work. So many places to explore... And so many lovely places to make a home. Have fun.

kirby said...

i'm excited for you. Andmypostcards. Cough.
and in the mornin', i'm makin' waffles!

heidikins said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!! This is so exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it!!!


katelin said...

yay for so many vacations that's so exciting. i love traveling.

Kerri Anne said...

Hurrah! for (home, and) routines.

Julie said...

I know I am a few days late to the party... but..

Have you talked to Ali? She was looking not too long ago, so she may have a reliable source on places.


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