Day 2: The Do It For The Chocolate Edition.

I hope your Easter has been enjoyable, wherever you are and however you are celebrating. We don't go all-out crazy with just the two of us here, but we do have a few little splurges we can indulge in later today.. hence my reasoning for getting my butt into gear and continuing with the Shred.

Well, I'm alive.

I'm feeling quite stiff in my arms today - mostly because of the strength section, I think. I'm used to doing weights, but I generally do them quite slowly AND on their own, none of this combining arms & legs malarky! It feels good though; I guess if you feel your muscles afterwards, you know you've done something right.

I still struggle with the first set of cardio; the jumping jacks and the jump rope straight after each other. I know it's not that big of a deal, but the constant bouncing leaves me breathless. I love the punches & squats in the second set, as well as the butt kicks. As for the third set? Let's just say, by the time I finish that, I quite literally collapse on the ground and have to really push myself to move again and complete that last ab set.

I'm enjoying the 20-minute aspect though. Makes me think this is something I can most definitely handle. I don't know that I'll do the thirty days in straight succession, but if I do it 3-4 times per week, I think it'll make quite a big difference in my regular routine.

And that way, should I miss a day for whatever reason, I won't automatically go into the 'YOU MISSED A DAY! YOU FAILED! MIGHT AS WELL JUST QUIT NOW. HERE, HAVE A LOAF OF BREAD!' mode. I hope.

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The Casual Perfectionist said...

You can do it!! Seriously, I think the HARDEST part is the first week. My advice is to do it every day. (Don't beat yourself up if you don't; but I know you can do it!!) You'll be amazed at the results and then won't want to take a break. For real.

Ree said...

Twenty minutes? I may need to pick that one up. I just can't seem to get with the program with my 45 and 60 minute dvds.

Happy Easter!

Michelle & the City said...

I'm glad you decided to take on this feat! I'm on day 15 and I know exactly how you felt the first few days. you will be in pain. it will hurt your legs to squat down and pee. this is normal :)

Now i'm halfway thru and it's not EASY, but i can make it thru the workout without pausing or stopping and considering i started this program working out zero days a week and now i work out 7, that is saying something.

good luck!

Jeet said...

hehe, it's always like this with tough cardio regimes. Aerobics also looks really cool, glamorous and easy to do on television and you only realize how difficult it is when you do it for first 10 minutes.

I hope you are taking a day of break after doing weights on one day.

Are you really expected to do this 'everyday'? That doesn't sound right. You tear your muscles when you do weights and you should give them time to heal and develop.

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