All That I've Got.

I've already packed for my mystery weekend away, even though I don't know where I'm going. That makes packing quite tricky, let me tell you. Sticking to basic, comfy, summery travel clothes, with jeans and a cardigan thrown in for good measure.

Our place smells like the washing liquid we've been using lately and I'm in love. To the point where I'll randomly sniff freshly washed clothes, just to get a whiff.

Musical obsession of the week: Jeff Buckley. I tend to keep his songs on repeat on my iPod, constantly. It keeps me sane. Sometimes I forget that other people can't hear what I'm hearing, which is a little bit sad. They're missing out.

This blog is going to draw inspiration from song titles as subjects for now, depending on how well they fit the post. Am I the only one who spends just as long trying to think of a witty title, as I do writing the post itself? Crisis averted.

My last few weeks of commuting on the underground have seen me passing the time by checking out the engagement rings on show and trying to guess their value. You should see some of the rocks these women are wearing.

Have decided that I need some new reading material, so am planning to hit some charity shops for discount books. Picked up a novella of short stories & a Ben Elton read the other day, but I am in dire need of new materials. There's something very cool about reading a second-hand book. I like to imagine where they've been before.

I think I'm the only person who's enjoying the fact that the British summer is NOT hot, so far. We had a week of super high temperatures last month, but it's quite mild at the moment. I hope I haven't jinxed things by saying that.

I feel quite lonely this week.

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Katie said...

Mystery weekends are fun in theory, but guys don't understand that we girls need enough information to be able to prepare properly! Hehe..

And the underground engagement ring thing? I've done that a few times - that's when I discovered the world's tiniest diamond in one of the rings and it made me wonder if she *really* cares about it or not. It's great for passing time. :)

Lara said...

I'm sorry you're lonely this week, but I hope the weekend away is fabulous!

Ree said...

Oooh, have a lovely time. I wish someone would whisk me away on a mystery trip.

kirby said...

You have to text me the INSTANT you know where you're going! I want to live vicariously through you.

Fiona said...

oooh mystery weekend - nice and exciting! :)

Kelly said...

Mystery weekend! Woo! I'll swap you for a weekend of housework and washing in an instant.

Also? Want ALL the deets as soon as you get back!

Jess said...

Some engagement rings really are shocking. Especially in big cities.

I'm sorry you're feeling lonely. Hopefully your mystery weekend will fix that!

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