Fun For Me.

About this time last year, I was merrily gallivanting off around America - beginning an amazing road trip across the country for six weeks. In a way I can't believe a whole year has passed since then; it feels just like yesterday I was in tourist mode.

I loved, LOVED, that trip.

It was one I planned and paid off months in advance, one that I had been itching to do for years. It was also one that I was determined to do on my own, and ended up being incredibly lucky that my best friend could come along for most of the ride as well. I saw some amazing places, met some amazing people (including two of my favourite blogging ladies, Jen & Janet) and had an all-round amazing time.

A year on from the adventures, it's highlight time!

(Yes, this post will be photo-heavy. But it will also be awesome.)

I'll post one picture from each of the major cities visited across the USA - have a go at following our road trip and try to guess where each one is from?!

So you made it all the way through ... how did you do? :D

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Kristabella said...

I want to go to Cafe Du Monde RIGHT NOW for beignets. THEY ARE SO, SO, SO GOOD!

I'm still pissed I missed you in Memphis. Especially since it was for work for a job that ended up laying me off!

Great photos!

katelin said...

looking at your pics just makes me want to up and go on a road trip! love them all.

Erin said...

I love all of these photos! So fun to see a recap of all of your travels.

Britt said...

That is one heck of a lot of cities! What a fantastic trip! :)

kirby said...

but then I was there with you... cough.
I miss our road trip too... :(

~Mum~ said...

i love that Route 66 made it there twice OMG i fly out in two weeks !!!!!!!!!

DId you take that photo of the white house ? it's awesome !!!

Jess said...

So beautiful! Such an awesome trip. And mm, I could really go for some beignets right now!

H to the Izzo said...

Fantastic photos. I was just talking about Cafe du Monde this morning.

Alex said...

Among others (I lived in California for two years, so I think I nailed most of those...) I TOTALLY recognized the waving girl from Savannah, GA! I LOVE that city--one of my favorite in the US.

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