Upside Down.

It's been that kind of weekend - the kind where you sort of want to curl up in your pyjamas and not venture outside. Add the rain and the gloomy weather, and it all adds up to hiding indoors like a hermit. Which is exactly what I've been doing.

Two days indoors, indefinite cups of tea, and my newly opened box-set of Ally McBeal DVDs, and I feel a bit sorry that this weekend is coming to an end. Even though it's not been memorable in any sense of the word, it's been exactly what I wanted. And getting a weekend off this close to Christmas is pretty darned impressive.

What does this week hold? Let's see...

Work: can't escape that! I like my new job but it can be sometimes draining. Last week saw my colleague and I off on a roadtrip around some of our branches in South England, and even though it wasn't a super challenging week, just being away from my own desk made it exhausting. I'm happy to be back in our regular Central London branch this week. We have a new starter for our team starting on Tuesday, so I see lots of training days ahead that will keep everyone busy.

Play: not much planned yet! Will hopefully be squeezing in a showing of New Moon this week with a few friends. I think I'm about the last person on the planet to have NOT seen it yet?! Ah well, hopefully there will be one or two less screaming girls in our screening, if I'm lucky.

I'm also eagerly anticipating a parcel at work, full of new cat toys. I'm sure that isn't exciting to most of you guys, but if you had any idea of how naughty Oscar has been lately, you'd be excited too. He's a whopping 1.5 years old now, and is most definitely on his way to the Terrible Two's. Any ideas on how to keep an ever growing indoor kitty from losing his mind (and his owners from losing their sanity) are welcomed.

Happy end-of-November!

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Britt said...

I haven't seen New Moon yet! I'm off to see it tomorrow with my mom (T refuses to see it with me!)

Jess said...

I hope you have a good week! And find some time for a bit more Ally McBeal in the evenings.

downhomegirl said...

Staying inside like a hermit can be fun too! We did mostly that on the weekend, ventured out a couple of times but mostly did not a whole lot- the weather helped that.

Parcels are fun! I kind of want to buy something online just so I can get a parcel delivered :) I have one coming to Jay's parents' house, but I won't be there when it comes, so it'll be delayed fun.

Jen said...

I spend way too much time trying to find new toys for bella that she doesn't already have. She has a bucket of toys I just rotate through, so there is always something different to get her interest. She is very much into toys still, even though she just had her first birthday. She can play with a ping pong ball or a spinner on her own for 15 minutes straight. She is a very spoilt little princess though.

When you can get another cat, he'll probably be less bored and lonely when you're out. Although that might just be since I have four altogether, so there is always someone nearby to watch or play with.

Jen said...

Okay I sound like the biggest cat lady ever. I swear one of those four is a rabbit and I live with my boyfriendy-fiance person.

BugginWord said...

Just had a discussion last night with some other New Moon fans. The theory was that dog people are on Team Jacob and cat people are on Team Edward. As you're clearly a kitty person (ditto here), I'm curious to hear if you're Team Edward.

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