Introducing: Our Little Apartment!

So after a few full days of cleaning and unpacking, as well as impromptu fit of chaos thanks to a faulty telephone line & random real estate inspections, we're finally settled. Oscar is back with us again {phew!}, we have our little laptops connected to the interwebs, and we're mostly all done here. Now we can relax, I hope!

Anyhoo, enough with the boring stuff. Onwards to the pictures! Let's start with the lounge/dining room. This is my favourite room of the house: it's big, lots bigger than our last place, and it's light, airy & just plain comfortable. Plus, the telly & the laptops live out here, so it's here we spent most of our time. There is also an air conditioning unit here too, which may be another reason why I'm always, always in here. Maybe. Probably. Definitely.

Here's the view as you walk in the door:
And here's the view looking at the room from the opposite side:
Ah, my wee vase of sunflowers: they've been in my room for as long as I can remember, and I love that they've transplanted (ha!) with us here to the new place. Also, I adore our new scattering of furniture - we are living off hand-me-downs for the most part, but all the off-white stuff that you see is from my shop o'dreams, Ikea.
What's that? You want a closer look at the bookshelf? Sure!
This is only half of my DVD collection. Mama needs more space! You can also see the artwork I had commissioned by an artist on Etsy; it was a Christmas present for Jason & will also be making an appearance in our Save the Date cards for our wedding. I love it so.
We even splurged and *gasp* bought a dining table for the first time. Why is that weird? Well, in London, neither of our flats had one included & we made do with eating on our laps. It's SO nice to actually have proper back support while eating and geeking it up online. Having a table makes us feel like grown-ups.
Moving on to our teeny tiny but loveable kitchen:
It's not huge, but it's got everything we need. It's also got a surprisingly large amount of storage space, which is lucky because we had a surprisingly large amount of 'stuff' for the kitchen that we brought with us. Except for baking trays. I forgot to buy baking trays. Must remember to buy baking trays.
Leaving the lounge room now, this is the hallway leading up to the bedrooms. I'll spare you a picture of the laundry and the loo, but they're in their own separate rooms that are off to the right of this picture. Again, it's so nice to have a laundry! In the UK, washing machines are usually somewhere in the kitchen. So weird.
This is the spare bedroom - but for us, it's our storage room. When we're set up and have some funds, we'll invest in a PC for the desk there, but for the meantime it's just for boxes. Oh, and also Jason's clothing! The wardrobes are really small in this place, so we've had to split the cupboard space - my stuff is in our room, his stuff is in here. Compromise. We go well together.
And last but not least, the main bedroom. We didn't buy any furniture for the two bedrooms - these were all pieces we were given from our parents when we moved out. They were both our childhood (well, teenage, really) bedroom sets, so I'm sure the parents were glad to be rid of them and get some storage space! 
We also have a hidden ensuite in our room: I say hidden, because it's located RIGHT BEHIND the main door to the bedroom. So, for example, if you open the bedroom door and walk in leaving it open, you wouldn't even know it was there. You only see the door once you've shut the main bedroom door. Confusing, eh? I wouldn't have even noticed it, save for my mum poking around when we viewed the property before renting it.
So that's that: our new place. 
We're lucky in that it's in a new complex, so we're the first ones to live here & it looks modern and really does feel shiny and new. We have our own undercover locked garage, an intercom system & our own lift - even if it doesn't go all the way up to our floor! It's cosy, and it's starting to feel like home already.

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Fuzzy Cert said...

I love your little apartment too.
Although... perhaps you do need to look into the fact that your lock up garage thing doesn't let your guests out when they need to go home.
BTW.. I stopped at 7-11.. put petrol in my car, and grabbed a slushie. I had to get lemon lime and bitters... it was pretty amazing. I'm going to make you try it.

Amanda said...

I have that table! I bought it on the weekend to be my work table/desk. It's also the table of doom- the first one i got had a faulty leg :( You should have seen how hard we tried to screw in the bolt... we were like the little builders who could, only to discover... we couldn't. It was sucky. Had to go back the next day and do it all over again. Happy ending though, it all works now.

I love your apartment! It's lovely :)

Britt said...

It's so sweet my dear! We have much of the same ikea items (except our table is wood coloured instead of white). Glad that you're finally all settled and done with dealing with all the internet/phone/real estate troubles.

Angela Noelle said...

It's fantastic! I love how sleek and minimalist everything is. And the floors are beautiful!

Emily Jane said...

I was looking at these photos on FB this morning with my breakfast and feeling so happy for you! It's lovely, and your floors are especially gorgeous :)

Jess said...

Oh, it's so lovely! And I am super impressed with how fast you got it all set up.

The Casual Perfectionist said...

Wow! That's great!

Katelin said...

aw your place is so cute (and spacious!). also love that print of you two, definitely perusing that seller's site now, haha.

heidikins said...

Yaaay! Love it!

I am very much missing the orange cabinets (I say that like I'm the only one missing them...I'm sure you do as well), but I love your new place!


Janet said...

so cute Aly! I am jealous of all that natural light, and the paint colors are awesome. Oh, and the hardwood floors.

Becky said...

Great pictures! And I totally hear you on the dining table making you feel like a grownup!

Lindz said...

You're so organized!

Purple Boots said...

Pretty! I'm super jealous that you have a dishwasher. I've been hankering after one for the past three years, but the rental gods have not been smiling on us :P

Anonymous said...

Heh, we have the same taste in tv programmes it seems. What are the dvds on the bottom shelf next to Veronica Mars?

Lovely apartment!

Unknown said... it too far to drive to BPS??? got a few days coming up early term 1, also got a mat leave pos coming up that you would love

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

terra said...

Looks great! I'm pretty impressed with the amount of furniture you were able to scrounge up from scratch.

And ikea....where would we be without it?

Anonymous said...

I see Gilmore Girls!

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