Three Sixty Five Days of Hipness

I've held off on plugging a little project of mine for the past month - mainly because I wanted to see if I could stick to it properly, but also because I wanted to let it grow a bit before I share it. See, I kind of forgot to set myself resolutions this year - though that was kind of accidentally on purpose, you know? Rather than make a big song & dance about resolutions, I decided I'd focus on trying a few things out this year. These are the top contenders:

  • Have a wedding that is all kinds of fabulous
  • Make myself as appealing on the eyes as possible before the aforementioned fabulous wedding day, and afterwards too, of course
  • Document the little things that happen in our non-travelling, home-bodying existence
  • Save money by watching a whole lot o'television & reading a whole stack o'books
Let's face it: most of those will be a work in progress for the rest of my natural life. But one of them I've begun to document via blogging. I started a Tumblr account at the end of last year & have been uploading a picture each day since the first of January. It's my take on the 365 project, but I've added my own little twist to it, using the Hipstamatic iPhone app to take each photograph. Here's the link, as well as a few token pictures for good measure.
Feel free to add it to your readers or follow along every now & again - especially if you're as in love with slightly off-centred & golden-shuttered pictures of incredibly random images, as I am.

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Emily Jane said...

I love having things to look forward to throughout the year and yours is going to be fantastic! I'm excited to read about this change of pace for you guys. We should share good reads too :)

terra said...

I've been working on the 365 project since August and I love it. I can't wait to reach the end and be able to look back at a full year of my life in photographs.

Karen said...

Oh hey, good luck with the project. I gave mine up sometime in the fall, when I skipped one day at first and then more and more. *sigh*

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