Apparently I Need to Do Laundry More Often

I've been meaning to write up this review for the past few weeks now, and it has just kept slipping my mind. I'm blaming the wedding. I figure I might as well use that excuse now, while I can!

A few months ago, I was sent two packs of EucoFresh Laundry Powder from Bosisto's to sample and enjoy. Being honest, I'd not heard of the brand before - but we'd only recently moved back to Australia at the time, so I was experimenting with a few liquids without favouring any one brand.

This particular product interested me because it's environmentally friendly and leaves no chemicals on clothing or fabrics. Before I tell you any more though, I should tell you a little about our washing habits here in the Breathe Gently household. Being that it's just the two of us(& the fact that we stocked up on super cheap clothing during our time spent in the UK and USA) I only do the laundry one day a week. It saves us time, it saves on water, and it's easier for me to do it on the weekends. To give a fair review, I deliberately didn't even begin to write this blog until several washes had gone by. 
My initial thoughts revolved around a few things. One, I was worried about it being a powder & it's potential to leave those dreaded white powder clumps/marks on our clothing. I'm happy to say that it mixes really well, and I've not had any marks during our washes. Two, I was worried about the smell. Have you ever washed clothes, hung them out to dry & noticed that they have a distinct 'smell' afterwards? It's not with every brand of washing liquid, but it's certainly happened a lot to us in the past - so I always give our clothes the sniff test before I declare a product to be good or bad. The Bosisto powder passed. The post-wash smell is nice and light, with a faint smell of eucalyptus.
One box will last you for 40 washes, and it's definitely true to its claim. Like I said, I've been washing with it constantly since I recieved my package back in January (!) and I am yet to get halfway through the first box! If I'm doing a bigger load, I'll occasionally sprinkle in a little extra powder, just because I want to make sure the clothes are all getting a little attention.
It's suitable for hot or cold water (cold for us - I'm lazy) and for top or front loading washing machines, so it's pretty much perfect for any type of laundry. And, as I mentioned before, it's both good for the environment AND good for those of us with sensitive skin, like yours truly. Once I get through these two boxes, I'll definitely be grabbing myself some more - the fact that it lasts so long and is doing such a great job on our clothing is proof that it's worth it.
They also have a whole range of other products too: I'm keen to try out their Tea Tree Oil to see how it helps my crazy hormonally challenged skin. Thanks to the folks at FGB Natural Products for letting me test it out!
Now for the fun part .....
The folks from Bosisto's have been kind enough to offer up a 1.5kg box of their EucoFresh Ultra Concentrate Laundry Powder to a few of my readers, so that you can trial it for yourself! To enter this giveaway, all you need to do is enter in one of the following ways:
  • Leave a comment telling me how often you do your washing - are you slack like I am?
  • Follow me on Twitter (@BreatheGently) & share the contest news with your friends!
Due to shipping, the winners must be Australian residents - I'll keep the contest open until May 10th. 

If you'd like a product to be trialled & reviewed on Breathe Gently, feel free to drop me a line: blog[at]

Update  for winners: Congratulations to Sian, Lala and ~Kathryn~!

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LaLa said...

Well.. you have to be in it to win it!

We do most of our washing on Saturdays, mainly due to the fact that both working full time means that we can't do it, get it hung out and take it back in throughout the week.


Anonymous said...

We have so much washing! i tend to do about 5 loads on the weekend and another 3 or so during the week. Lucky I have a big machine and long clothesline. I don't mind washing but I wish the clothes would bring themselves inside and put themselves away!

Sian Kummer said...

Just realised I didnt have your blog showing in my new reader! All fixed now! :)

I only do washing once a week and its normally a huge load because of all our work stuff (restaurant clothes... mmmm). I'll do two loads if we have towels/sheets etc but I always make sure its a FULL load. Ive just bought an 8kg front loader and Im in love. Ive been having issues with washing powder too, especially since I have sensitive skin. Will definitely give this a go - is it available at coles/woolies?

~Kathryn~ said...

well i'd love to try it !!
As you know I hate that 'after wash' smell !!

I was once a week because of time -but i generally do about five loads at that time. Have a 8kilo heavy duty machine which is great for all the sheets and towels and bigger items.

i don't mind washing - its the ironing afterwards i hate !!

Nel said...

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Emilie said...

Most of our laundry gets done on the weekends too. I like getting up early on Saturdays to get a jump start on weekend chores. Although I'd love it if I could motivate myself to do some after work during the week especially now that the weather is improving around here.

We use a liquid detergent right now but it makes a huge mess because it's the kind with a push-button to let the liquid out, but it leaks everywhere! I cant wait until it's used up to get something less messy!

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