Hi, I'm Aly & I'm a Slack Blogger

I always thought that after the wedding was over, I'd go back to blogging away as per usual. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. In actual fact, there really isn't much to talk about! I'm on school holidays at the moment, but aside from that there is work, lovely married life, and an extremely frustrating slow-moving house build that is not exciting at all. Sigh.

I will be doing some serious blogging once our wedding pictures arrive though, in the form of recaps. I figure since I'll be going to the effort of getting them written up for Weddingbee, I might as well share them with some of my favourite blogging peeps too!
So, life will come to this here blog again soon, I promise. 
And in the meantime... how are you today?

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Emilie said...

I cannot wait to see all of your pictures! Ours are on their way to us right now, I am so excited to see them!

Amanda said...

Today, I'm okay. Work is a bit nuts, but I'm more than happy with my pretty, new blog. So positives and negatives. I could do with a kitty to cuddle though, that would go a long way.

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