Holy Building Progress, Batman.

Wowsers. Have I got some news for you, or what?

J had a meeting today {while I was slaving away at work} at our block of land, where he & our building supervisor were inspecting everything ready for pre-painting. And, well, we got some awesome news. They are going to speed through and get the house ready for a Practical Completion Inspection {or PCI} before Christmas.

In fact, it's happening soon. TWO WEEKS TIME soon.


The PCI is basically the final check-list/inspection that happens before we are given the keys and the house becomes 'ours'. It will be us, the builder, and likely a private inspector that we're going to hire to go over everything that should be done and/or needs correcting. It's pre-appliances, as most builders don't install electrical appliances until hand-over is complete, to ensure goods aren't stolen from new homes before they're inhabited.


Of course, our house won't be a picture perfect brand new display home when we're given the keys pre-Christmas. We're doing our own flooring independently, so at hand-over, our home is still going to look unfinished in some aspects. We have our flooring happening in early January. We have appliances being installed in early January. And we'll be finalising the driveway and some electrical additions ourselves, before we actually move in. That will take some time.


It means that instead of the home being finished after the summer holiday break and then moving in, arranging flooring, getting fencing, etc etc, we'll be getting a head start. And it may mean that we move in sometime in mid-January. MOVE IN. Whoa nelly!

Most importantly, it means that we can use that summer break to actually get things sorted. I want to start getting our backyard fenced off and turfed, so that we can get it puppy-ready. I want to make sure any building problems that need to be sorted {that we'll find out about at the PCI} are sorted while we're there. And... we can potentially start furniture shopping & arrange deliveries for things while I'm on a break from school.

It's all happening!

I'll keep you posted over the next two weeks but wow. I am so! flipping! happy! right now. How's about a picture of our almost completed spa bath to tide you over?

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Unknown said...

Oh, so exciting! What a lovely pre-Xmas surprise gift.

Britt said...

Ah! So exciting!! I can't believe how far it's come from that little plot of land!

Geek in Heels said...

That's awesome news! Congratulations!!! Also, that tub is TDF...I wish we had the space for something like that!

Jess said...

Yay! This is awesome! The light at the end of the tunnel is in view... and then you'll have an amazing new house! EEEEE.

Anonymous said...

WHAT THE WHAT?! EEEK! Well that is some exciting news, and I am thrilled you are getting some good news in light of the other frustrations lately. xo

Janet said...

Aside from being quite thrown off by all this "summer break" talk, that all sounds amazing! I'm coming over for that tub, man.

heidikins said...

Ohmygoodness!! How awesome!! Yay! Yay! Yay!!!


Elley @ Up Above The World So High said...

AHHHHH! That's amazing! I'm so glad that they got on the ball for you guys :)

The So-Called Wife said...

Oh my word, this is amazing! I am so very excited for you! I can't wait till you guys move in and share lots of amazing pictures of your new home with us.

~stinkb0mb~ said...

so exciting!!!


terra said...

YAY!! SO EXCITING!! I can't wait to hear more about the house! And that tub - ah! It looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I hope you get into your new house soon!

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