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I've come to the conclusion that it's REALLY hard to take decent photographs of our home. One of the perks of our home design was that it came with dozens of large windows, perfect for natural light - not so much for quick snapshots taken on my phone!

Now... how about a virtual tour?

We'll start with downstairs, since that was all I got around to cleaning today.

As you walk in the front door, the formal living room is off to your right hand side. It's mostly empty for now, save a few moving boxes. There are two square windows in the room, as well as the regular windows, and we'll eventually be placing a lounge underneath them. It's on order, and due to arrive in March. Can't wait!

In the meantime, we have a gorgeous glass and timber dining table set up. I'm loving the mirror that we found, too.

We haven't hung much up on the walls yet; we have loads of wedding photos and canvases ready to go, though. Thing is, we've lived in apartments for so long, I'm terrified of hanging things up and ruining our walls! The mirrors were the first thing we tackled, and it took ages. Now, back to our tour...

As you walk through the hallway, the internal garage entrance door is off to the left, while the laundry, linen cupboard and downstairs bathroom is off to the right. I love how our colour scheme in the powder room turned out - which is good, since we opted to do all of the bathrooms in a similar pattern.

And then, my favourite room - the one you saw a sneak peek of a few days ago. It's our open plan kitchen, lounge & dining room. First up, the kitchen. I love how open it is, with lots of cupboards and lots of space.

The door you see there is to the pantry. It's not a full walk-in, but more of a 'lean-in', with a nice corner side shelf for extra storage. If you stand directly in front of the island bench in the kitchen, you look out over the lounge area. You can chat to people sitting on the lounge in front of you, or watch television while you're cooking. Yes, please!

See what I mean about all the light? Oh hey, I just realised Oscar was lounging around in those pictures, too. That's his spot, right there. The lounges are actually a deep chocolate brown {almost black} and the rug is a sandy beige colour. It really pops against the timber floorboards! Off to the left of the lounges is our biggest splurge.

And last but not least, the dining part of the room. The furniture here is matching timber too, and we've kept it fairly simply decorated to start with. There's so much potential to add things and change things around, but that'll happen in time. This is another mirror that I'm in love with {that frame!} - Jase bought it for me just before Christmas, when I fell in love with it in a furniture store. I'm really happy with how it turned out: the size is perfect!

And there you have it; the downstairs of our home, in a nutshell. I'm all unpacked down here; upstairs is a different story! I thought I was done - but turns out I have more work to do. The low cabinet that the television is resting on had a big dent in the side upon installation, so it's being replaced this week. I'll be busy unpacking and repacking those cabinets again soon. :)

So... got any decorating tips for me?

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~stinkb0mb~ said...

looks gorgeous honey!! can't wait to see upstairs :-)


Lauren said...

Your house looks so nice!!

Becky said...

I love it! I would encourage you to hang things on the walls though - even if you're nervous about it, it'll fill the space and really make it feel like home.

Amanda said...

It looks great! I had similar problems with taking photos when we first moved into our light-filled home -you'll adjust and it will get much easier to figure out how to take photos in it, haha! The house is beautiful!

audrey said...

It looks lovely! I think once you get stuff hung on the walls it'll really start feeling more like home. When we moved in to our house, I walked around with a stack of pictures and leaned them against the walls where I wanted them, rearranging until I was happy with all of my choices. Then Tim set to work with the hammer, and a few hours later our house was a lot more home-y.

Hotpotatokate said...

Gorgeous!! Such a grown up house :)

Janet said...

So bright and modern and new! I love it!

Kelly said...

oh Aly, it looks amazing!! ;)

Jacinta said...

I am totally envious of your kitchen! What a great space. As for decorating, I am also an apartment dweller, so I can understand that such a big house might be a bit overwhelming.

I really think hanging pics makes a huge difference. And some splashes of colour in the accessories too. I tend to cluster things in small groups, leaving some space as well as points of interest.

As for hanging pics, I use a lot of those stick on velcro hangers... they come in 2 pieces, one sticks to the wall and the other to the pic, and you velcro them together. I wouldn't use them on anything TOO heavy, but on smaller items they are effective and you can remove them easily without damaging the paintwork if you want a change sometime in the future. Try one and see what you think before buying lots.

If you decorate with things you love, you really can't go wrong... even if others don't love it, you will be surrounded by the things that make you happy.


Emilie said...

I love everything so far! Your tastes are so modern and clean! I love your kitchen!!

terra said...

Beautiful! I love your kitchen - all that storage! In the next house I live I want a more open plan for that area of the house since everyone always winds up in the kitchen anyway.

Allison said...

Everything is so lovely! You must be so excited to finally be settling in!

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