Who Knew?

... that two fur-babies could bring us so much joy?
... that I'd become a CAT lady - me, who only ever had dogs growing up?
... that Oscar would be such a good big brother?
... that these two would so quickly take over their new house?
These two cats: love them.
Evie & Oscar - January 2012

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Amanda said...

Ahh - so cute! I want a kitten so bad and every time I see one of these types of blog posts it just gets a little bit worse!

Clare said...

Aww! This is like me. I used to HATE cats, with a passion. And now I'm a cat momma to my 2 loving boys. And I couldn't imagine life without them. Your babies are very cute!

~stinkb0mb~ said...

aww so so cute!! Guv would love us to get a cat but unfortunately we have a cat hating dog [and another who's scared crapless of them! lol]. so maybe one day!

i'm glad to read that they - and YOU - have settled so well into your new home!


Our Wired Lives said...

I only grew up with dogs too. I thought I wasn't a cat person. But the 2 kitties we adopted have changed my mind and my world. LOVE them.

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