36 weeks + 4 days

The third trimester {I almost wrote turd-trimester, hahaha} is definitely newborn-preparation time. I think I'm probably 75% on my way to zombie-mama status and baby girl isn't even here yet. Exhausted doesn't cover it.

Last night was a shocker. 7pm rolled around and I was over everything. Nothing sounded good. I didn't feel like food, I didn't want to watch television or a movie, I wasn't paying enough attention to read my Kindle, and I was snappy and grumpy. I decided I'd have an early night, to spare poor Jase the misery of my company. 
Here's how it looked, in a nutshell:
Brush teeth, go to the loo, inspect for bodily fluids on toilet paper. {I KNOW.}
Stand up, Braxton Hicks contraction, waddle back to bed.
Lie down, back hurts. Roll over, bladder hurts. 
Hour later - back to bathroom. 
Go to the loo, inspect for bodily fluids on toilet paper. 
Stand up, Braxton Hicks contraction, waddle back to bed. 
Lie down, back hurts again. Nod off to sleep, bladder wakes me up. 
Go to the loo, inspect for bodily...... yeah, you get the idea. 
Stand up, Braxton Hicks contraction, waddle back to bed.
Rinse and repeat for the rest of the night. {yawn} 
I finally fell asleep properly at about 6am - only to be woken up by hubby's alarm going off at 7.30am. All morning, I've had some pretty full on tightenings, but I'm wondering how much of those are from plain old tiredness? Now that the sun is up, I'm up too, and I can't seem to doze back to sleep. 
Speaking of bodily fluids.... {here is your TMI warning, again} - I had another clump of mucous yesterday morning, this time it was more brown than yellow and had a tinge of blood in it. I spoke to my doctor, who said it was likely just bits of my plug coming away - but unless it was combined with anything else, it wasn't any indication of things starting, although it was a good sign my cervix might be waking up a bit! :) Since then, I've just had little strands of the clear/yellow looking stuff, so nothing exciting to report.
Honestly, I'd just be so happy if things started happening in the next few weeks on their own. I'm starting to pay more attention to every cramp/twinge/belly shift, and wondering whether it meant anything... this is all completely foreign to me. I can't believe we're in the home month now, and I can't wait to meet this baby!

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Eris said...

Meanwhile, now we know you were actually in full on labor. CONGRATULATIONS!

~Mummy~ said...

ha ha ha - just read this knowing what happened the day after !!!

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