Red Bums & Baby Blues

Poor Georgia - she's had it tough these last few weeks! What started out as a nappy rash turned into a BAD nappy rash, turned into a bacterial infection, turned into a contact reaction.

What does that mean? Lots of doctor visits, a bright red baby tush, some tears & a very stressed out and tired mama.

When it first came up, we treated it accordingly - barrier creams, fresh air and nappy free time. When it got worse, I visited the GP the first time. The rash had turned into dark red sores and small red spots along her bum - the first diagnosis was thrush or a fungal infection. That cream didn't solve anything, and things got more and more tender - let's just say things were bleeding. It was awful, and nappy changes were horrific. The next step was a bacterial cream in case it was an infection - and it looks like that was the problem.

We'd been using the cream for a week, and things were starting to heal over. Seeing her little butt looking more normal was refreshing.. until I opened a nappy the day before yesterday to find a new round of bright red patches greeting me. They were in different spots to the original rash, and they were awful! The doctor thinks that some of the strong, prescription anti-bacterial cream might have gotten on the nappy and smeared onto her sensitive lady-bits when it was closed and fastened, and she had a reaction to it.

I'm happy to say that after a few hours of nappy-free time each day, a change to organic disposable nappies and wipes, and a good slathering of barrier cream, things are starting to heal. We are back at the doctor next week, and she is confident that it'll be looking good by then. Poor baby and her poor butt.

Otherwise, Georgia is being her usual beautiful self - aside from the few hours of complete and utter crankiness each evening. Some say it's the witching hour; I'm changing that to the witching HOURS, plural. She is hard work! Refuses sleep, comfort feeds constantly, and will cry and cry with seemingly no cause. We do a lot of snuggling, rocking, bouncing, and nursing each evening, leaving all of us {hubby included} more than a little frazzled. A friend hooked me up to the PURPLE crying website, and it sums us up to a tee.

All in all though? She's a beautiful baby. I still can't believe she's mine! When she looks up at me with those huge blue eyes, it doesn't matter how many hours I've slept, how many hours it's been since I showered, how many jobs I haven't got around to, or how many times I've left the house in the past week - she's mine. :)

Sleep? Nah... how's about some more food?

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Heather said...

Hey cutie! Sorry about the nappy rash. My babes also gets some at times and I use cream it normally helps, but thanks for all the tips. He likes to crawl bare bummed while I try and catch him to put his nappy on!!

Egg Timer said...

She's gorgeous! so sorry you are going through an awful nappy rash. Glad she is on the mend.

JB said...

Sorry about Miss Georgia's sore little bottom :( I hope she's feeling much better. I hate the witching hours too. Thankfully they outgrow the worst of it by about two months, though D's fussiest time is still 6:30. What has helped us is having a bedtime routine. Baths seem to calm him during that time!

Georgia is just gorgeous!

Sarah said...

feel better sweet georgia and mama!

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