Two Months

Somehow one month turned into two months and my little lady is 8 weeks old already. How is this happening?

It's been a sad month, but we've kept busy and tried to take lots of trips in the car & pram while the weather is nice.
This month Georgia has:
  • Said goodbye to her great-grandmother, and cheered up the hearts of many sad family members. I'll never forget the joy she brought to my nanna, making her smile the day before she passed away.
  • Been sleeping for longer stints at night - usually between 11-4am. Well done, baby girl!
  • Had her first park play-date/picnic lunch with her little friend, R. 
  • Started using her dummy more regularly, mostly to help her nod off to sleep.
  • Broken out in her first batch of milk spots/hormonal baby rash. It popped up on her neck, back & face!
  • Started to smile and laugh, though not regularly - I can't wait to see her happy face all the time.

  • Managed to get through her first batch of shots - the 6-week vaccinations. She was a trouper: screamed in the first one, sobbed through the second one, but felt better after mummy cuddles.
  • Discovered the witching hour(s) - she is an absolute terror in the late afternoons/evenings. Inconsolable crying, feeding all the time, struggling to sleep. It's been exhausting for all of us. :(
  • Continued to solely breastfeed, and is doing a really good job of it!
  • Gained more weight, and is up around 4.6kg. She's a petite little thing; though you wouldn't think so by looking at her chubby cheeks and edible arm and thigh folds. :)
  • Almost outgrown her 0000 clothing, but is still too small for most 000. Her arms/legs are too short for them, but we're putting her in them so that she's got room to move. (Singlets underneath help bulk her up too.)
  • Mastered rolling over. We can't really spend much tummy-time on the floor any more, because she uses her feet to flip herself onto her back. Clever girl!

    You can see all of Georgia's week by week pictures by clicking here.

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Liz said...

I love those rolling over pictures. She's so adorable!!

Just T said...

Such a doll!

Emilie said...

I just love her crazy hair.

Lindz said...

It just gets better and better!

Anonymous said...

Those are the most adorable photos ever!! She's gorgeous!! Congrats to you! She's got the coolest hair ever!!

-Jenn, from ICLW

Egg Timer said...

Way to go Georgia!! You'll be crawling around no time. Beautiful pictures!

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