This week in review

This has been one heck of a week.

We said goodbye to my Nanna at a beautiful funeral service, where we celebrated her happy, smiling face & released doves into a picture perfect blue sky. It was so very hard, but I know she would have been happy.

Our life this week: remembering Nanna & lots of nekkid bebe snuggles.
Poor Georgia girl has had a tough run though - she had her six week immunisations {big fat tears from mummy AND baby} and lots of doctor visits, as she has developed a shocking nappy rash. It's lasted a week now, and we've tried all sorts of things, natural and medical, to help clear it up. We swapped from disposables to cloth, lots of nappy free, bum-in-air time, and a very mild cortisone/thrush cream - here we are at the end of the week and it's still sore. 
After yet another doctor visit today, we're on a bacterial cream twice a day. We go back in a week, and if it's not cleared up by then, I'll cry. Poor bugger. I can't think of anything worse than a sore, inflamed bum.
We're also in the middle of a growth spurt - Georgia now weighs 4.3kg {or 9lb4oz} and is 52.5cm long. She's still little, but she's growing! :) She has been very fussy the past few days, not wanting to lie down and sleep during the day, and grumbling for food all the time. Thankfully my supply is still keeping up with her; I'm down to pumping twice a day too, to just keep things moving. I spoke to a midwife today, who said I was doing the right thing: which is 'If in doubt, whack her on the boob'. Done and dusted. 
It's so hard to believe she'll be 7 weeks old tomorrow. Time really does fly - it's terrifying how fast it's going by.

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JB said...

I absolutely adore the pic of you and Miss Georgia! I hope that her rash goes away. Those growth spurts are definitely buggers! We just went through our 3 month one...same thing--wouldn't sleep unless I was holding him, which really, there could be worse things than holding a precious baby :)

Court said...

She's adorable! I'm so sorry that y'all had to lay Nanna to rest this week.

Do y'all have Boudreaux Butt Paste in Australia? It's an amazing diaper cream we have here in the US and it cleared up my nephew's rash when no Rx creams would work!!

Anonymous said...

We just went through a horrible rash at 5 days old. What worked for us was mixing baking soda with warm water and using it to spray on her instead of using wipes ( we used the bulb sucker). Let that dry then put breast milk on, let that dry and then coat with aquaphor. Within days it was gone!

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