Good morning!

This morning, Jase got to witness a magical event.
I'd just fed Georgia and had propped her upright to let her burp - but instead of burping, she opened her mouth & covered me in milk. It was the perfect shaped rainbow arch of projectile bodily fluids, and it amazingly managed to miss her clothing & the bedsheets - hitting my jammies instead. 
I don't think I've heard hubby laugh that much in a LONG time!
On the bright side, at least she got me up and ready for the day by 8am, right? :)

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Mrs. Higrens said...

Shame it didn't hit Jas instead.

The bright side (if there is one) is that you don't have to get the funk of recently regurgitated milk out of your mattress! Pet mess odor neutralizer is good for that, by the way.

Mrs Green Grass said...

That's awesome! :) She looks so innocent in the picture. (Did you read that Dylan did the same in a restaurant?!)

Candace said...

Look at her sweet little face! "so sorry I puked all over you mommy, but at least I'm adorable!"

JB said...

Loving this picture :)

I think that puke is a rite of passage for moms...I haven't had mine yet but I'm sure it's coming!

Unknown said...

When I was 18 one of my best friends had just had a baby I will never forget that first night at home and this sweet child projectile vomiting all over my friend- into her hair, her mouth down the front of her.. as a 18 year old living pretty freely it was a wonderful reminder to take my BCP lol. Im ready for that now though- what a difference 10 years can make!

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