Here on the blog, it's been all Georgia, all the time. Not that there's anything wrong with that; she's been the centre of everything since her arrival - but there are other things that have been happening, too.

Hubby has been working overseas in New Zealand quite a bit - what was supposed to be a six week project turned into an ongoing one with no end date in sight. He fought them {using G as his reasoning} and got out of going there consecutively, but those Sunday-Wednesday night weeks were exhausting, for him and for us. He gave his notice in a few weeks ago, and starts his new job next week.

Yep, new job! My clever husband found a new job quite quickly. Sad news is there's a little travelling involved in this one too, but it's interstate in Melbourne, and they're quite happy to fly him back and forth on Monday-Fridays. They've also offered to put him up in a serviced apartment, so that Georgia & I can fly down every now and then to be there with him! This one's for three months, and then he'll be based in Sydney for a change.

I've been trying to get out and about now that Georgia is bigger and has had her second batch of vaccinations. We've visited my old workplace, friends and a few family members, and I've been making an effort to catch up with other local mums that I've met through due-in-groups. There are a few lovely local mums that are very sweet, with babies close to her age. It's so fun seeing them all hanging out together, even though they don't do much other than tummy time & coo-ing at one another. It'll be even better when they're on the move!

Sometimes this motherhood thing can be lonely, though. Apparently having a baby can make you a social leper.

I've been putting my energy into planning Georgia's christening, which is coming up in a couple of weeks. The church is booked, the invitations have been sent out - outfit sort of planned, candle planned. Next up is getting things ready for afterwards at our place. I think Mum & I are going to attempt the cake again, and we'll just grab some sandwich platters & snacks. The biggest question is going to be whether Georgia will fit into my old christening gown, which I'd really love for her to wear - my late Nanna hand-sewed little bows on the dress, and it would mean a lot for her to wear it. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Speaking of snacks.. I've rekindled my love for my slow cooker. Having a baby that sleeps well at night but hardly naps during the day means that my hands are full nearly all the time - so cooking can be tricky. The slow cooker means that I can throw something into it in the morning and leave it all day... easy peasy. My favourites are apricot chicken & roast meats, but I'm starting to get a bit adventurous. If you have any favourite slow cooker recipes, feel free to point them out to me. There's a roast lamb in mine at the moment & it smells amazeballs.

Since my life has changed so much in the last year, I can't NOT end this post with my beautiful daughter. This exact day last year I was blown away when my second IVF flashed up as PREGNANT on a digital test.

We've come a long way, baby. Georgia is 19 weeks old now, say what?

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Renee said...

Your little girl is gorgeous!
Its definitely lonely at times ... join a playgroup if there is one around as the interaction really helps.
The slowcooker is my best friend as a mum ;)

Ali @ Not All Dreams Are Free said...

That's great about Hubby's job! And I promise you that if you come to Melbourne you will not run out of things to do. It's also so easy to get around with a pram, so you can do lots of shopping and exploring.

Georgia is a stunning baby. You're so lucky to have such a happy bundle in your life (but of course, you know that already).

jess said...

I second play groups. I thought that they were a bit cliquey at first but realised that people are just a bit awkward around new people. I made a point of going up and introducing myself to people and found some great contacts that way. It's a bit like dating... very scary.

Do you not have a Mothers Group? I clicked with a few of the ladies in my first group. Then I started hanging around with the ladies in the Mothers Group after mine and made a few more friends.

Candace said...

That is so great that Jase got a new job and can be home with you girls more often! Hooray!!!

Britt said...

Oh, I'm glad J is moving to a place where he'll be happier (and less travel! Woohoo! I know firsthand how much that sucks!)

There's a blogger who used her crockpot every day for a year. Tons of good recipes -

The salsa chicken and blackbean soup was a favourite of ours (when I ate meat that we make it without the chicken!)

Sending love (and kisses for Georgia!) from Calgary! xoxox

heidikins said...

I can understand how difficult it is to have your sweetheart be gone all the time (although, I have yet to add a baby to that you've for sure got me beat there). Jake has been working in Nevada since the week after we started dating. It is getting very, very old.

Glad J has found something a lot closer to home, I hope these next few months until he is based in Sydney will go quickly!


Jenny said...

It definitely can be lonely. My husband travels a lot for work too. And while I totally love that his job supports me staying home, a lot of times I'm lonely.

I've been making myself go to story time and get togethers with other moms to make new friends.

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