Six Months

A very happy half-birthday to my beautiful daughter, who is growing more beautiful & clever every day.

This month Georgia has:
  • Weighed in at just over 7kg. (6.9 on the dr scales/7.2 on the chemist scales!) & has reached 64cm long - so she's perfectly average in the weight department but still a bit of a shorty. :)
  • Tested us in the sleep department, big time. We started sleep training with her, which has helped nights get better again, but still hasn't helped much with the days.
  • Been fantastic when in the car and in the pram. I think it's because she's so much more alert now & wants to see everything.
  • Started to learn to sit up on her own! She doesn't last long, but she's trying very hard. :)
  • Been dribbling up a storm! So much drool. No teeth yet, that we can see.
  • Loved having her feet up in the air. She tries to catch them, shoves them in her mouth, and rolls to her side clutching them. It's especially fun during bath time & nappy changes. 
  • Continued flipping from front to back, but not interested in the other way around.
  • Gone to bed in sleeping bags - the swaddles have officially been put away with her newborn clothes.
  • Started becoming more confident with other people. Nights are still hit or miss, but during the daytime, she flirts and smiles when people talk to her or comment on her.
  • Started solid foods & has eaten like a champ! She's still exclusively breastfed for milk, but has tried apple, pear, peach, sweet potato, pumpkin, prunes, zucchini, avocado & broccoli.
  • Been in 00 clothes (3-6 month) for most outfits now.
  • Talked up a storm! She likes to talk while shoving her fist in her mouth, but boy, can she babble.
You can see all of Georgia's week by week pictures by clicking here.

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Ali @ Not All Dreams Are Free said...

Gorgeous! Happy half birthday little miss!!

Candace said...

Happy half birthday sweet girl! We love following along with you since we're just a bit ahead! I love that after all our struggles our little ones are neck and neck with eachother! It's been nice having you to (virtually) go on this journey with!
xoxo - Candace and Holt

heidikins said...

Gah, she's just so charming! Happy Half-Birthay, Miss Georgia!


Katelin said...

aw she is too cute!

Nicole [Haus of Harnois] said...

happy half birthday, beautiful girl!

Unknown said...

I always love your pictures of sweet Georgia! She always looks so happy!

Kristie said...

Happy half birthday Georgia! She is getting so big so fast!

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