Teething + Sickness + Swimming = Agfhdsgfsdf

Oy, it's been a big week.

Georgia had her first swimming lesson this past weekend - we started off a little unsure of ourselves...

And then finished in tears - thirty straight minutes of tears and a very frazzled mama bear at the end of the lesson!
I couldn't figure out what it was that was bothering her - she loves bath time, so was it the cooler water? The noise of the pool? Being in with other people?

Well, the very next day, she cut her first tooth - the bottom right one is coming through. It's coming through on an angle, like a \ shape, which has me paranoid now that she'll have crooked teeth for life. Anyone else have any experience with baby teeth coming in crooked?

She also developed a wicked cold and has been miserable since then - crying like a, well, baby, constantly. She also wants to be with me 24/7, and bawls if I put her down. She's also completely gone off her cot, is getting by on 30 minutes during the day, and is wanting to co-sleep at nights - I'm wicked tired. Today is the first day in a week that she's having a nap on her own.

Can you believe that she's over 7 months old now? She weighed in at 7.8kg and is perfectly average on the 50% graph. So thrilled she's growing well & getting cuter and more personality every day.

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Alana said...

Maddie's bottom two teeth came in looking crooked! Of course, I'm envisioning years of orthodontic work ahead (Matt needed braces AND headgear AND retainers, so I figure one of the twins was bound to inherit his crappy teeth). I'm hoping though that this is yet another unfounded mama concern!! (As long as the adult teeth come in straight, right??)

Sarah said...

she sure is cuter by the day!

Candace said...

Poor Georgia and poor mommy with the teething and the cold!!! I hope she feels better soon and you can both get some good rest!!
We're going to start H in swim lessons this spring. I'm glad to have the heads up that loving the bath doesn't always equal loving th epool!

Lacey Bean said...

A bunch of Sadie's teeth came in on an angle - they straighten out, especially as more teeth come in.

Unknown said...

It might not be teething with the swimming. H loves the bath but is terrified of the beach. The sand... the water especially. She cries when you try to put her toes in. It actually made bath time a difficult few days after the last trip to the beach. Silly babies :)

LovelyNursery said...

Hi there, thanks for post. I find it very educating. It feel like everyone have their own way of how to fight with this milestone. I would recommend to go for teething rails - they helped us a lot. :) cheers.

Heather said...

aah, shame, the swimming gets better. Nicky didn't like it at first either but now he splashes happily. Don't force it, just take it one step at a time! Sorry about the teething. We also have that here. I can tell when he clutches his mouth. Shame, poor baby.

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