A bit Defeated

I was SO pleased that our sleep training had gone well last week. Five days in, and Georgia was able to get herself off to bed in her cot - sure, it took a while & I was still in the room {out of sight} but she was doing it! We even had our first sleep through again for the first time in months.

But then, things went haywire. Hubby got home from his interstate trip, and we got sick. It started with Georgia skipping her afternoon nap - which turned into up every hour, on the hour, and not much sleep for any of us. After that came more nap skipping & screaming like a banshee constantly. It's so heartbreaking to see all the good efforts you've made go flying out the window, when you're doing practically everything exactly the same.

I was at a loss - until I saw a little flash of white. Yep, I now know the culprit for all this chaos - her second tooth is jigging around under there, and hasn't yet cut through. Bloody teeth!

This time, we're well armed. Panadol, Nurofen, Bonjela & SM-33 creams. Lots of cuddles and a whole lot of deep breaths & patience. I'm hoping she'll get this tooth quickly, because the last few days have been a nightmare.

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Britt said...

Had to look up SM-33 cream but if it is a numbing gel of any sort, I'd steer clear. It is no longer allowed in Canada due to posing a choking risk for children if it numbs other parts of the mouth. We always recommend parents do the tylenol (panadol for you!) every 4 hours if they think their child is in pain.

Chewing a cold cloth helps too!

Anonymous said...

How much gel would these Canadians being putting on? It wears off fairly quick. I tried it on myself. Applying with cotton bud makes it easier. And only every 3 hrs as per instructions. Cold celery sticks are also nice for bub as well. Keep a list on your fridge of what you have given bub and what time. Especially if you and husband are tag teaming during the night. Lllearning mum

Lindz said...

We were told no numbing gels, too. But it really is up to you as the parent and what works for your family. Finn responded best to ibuprofen and if you can get your hands on a mesh teether that you can put cold/frozen fruit in, they are great, too. Hang in there - teething is the worst. I didn't know if we'd survive the molars but we did and you will, too!

Familyofthree said...

You will find that just when you get it "figured out" in regards to sleep that SOMETHING always throws it off!

We in the US were warned about the use of teething gels as well, but like almost everything else I think parental common sense needs to be given more consideration.

Anonymous said...

Don't use bonjela with nurofen they contain the same active ingredient, a member of the aspirin family, using both together would potentially lead to an overdose. Am a pharmacist.

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