As a change from the emotional craziness that has surrounded me over the last few weeks, how about a little fertility update instead? After ten days of Provera, AF arrived last week - and it wasn't as horrible as I had anticipated. It arrived over the Easter weekend; coincidence? Fate? Either way, hormones + chocolate = win! Win win win. Especially the half price Easter eggs marked down after the weekend. Great for the soul, bad for the waist.

Since this month is a write-off in terms of IVF, we decided to be proactive and have a Clomid cycle while we wait. I've already had pre-IVF bloodwork taken, and have yet another pelvic ultrasound this week to make sure everything looks good. The Clomid tablets are already done and dusted {we take day 2-6} and I've had no side effects at all, which makes me think that it's been pointless yet again - but we'll see what happens. If it works, I'll ovulate. If it doesn't work {as in previous cycles}, well, it was worth a shot. I don't have marvellous expectations of miracle pregnancies or anything; in actual fact, I'll be happy just to get a 'natural' period or a relatively normal cycle length. If I haven't ovulated by day 21, my specialist has encouraged me to get the show on the road with Provera once again, so we can focus ahead on the frozen embryo cycle the following month.
I've been charting and tracking again since last year, to see what's been happening - but it's a little tricky to do that when you don't have a period, and when your tracking sites are telling you it's been 600+ days between periods! Anovulation, pregnancy & post-partum will REALLY stuff up your Fertility Friend stats, that's for sure. 
Getting this period, being back on CD1 again & tracking temps and CM and all that jazz.. well, it feels like a fresh start. Even if it IS just for this temporary month, I sort of feel like a naive, fresh-faced TTC-er - not a battle scarred IVF mama. And that's kind of nice.

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