Life Goes On

I've just been floating around in a bubble for the last few days, not quite sure what to do with myself. I've gone to the gym, I've sung countless songs with my girl, I've cuddled the fur babies, and the husband... and I've taken my birth control pills.
The irony of that hits me every time I swallow that little yellow pill. A contraceptive, while you're into your second year of your second bout of infertility.. how ridiculous. But hey, what's another month?
It's going to be a busy week. We have a baby shower for our soon-to-arrive niece/nephew (I say boy!) tomorrow, catch ups with the in-laws, another daycare orientation for Georgia, two more gym classes & lots of packing to do before we head off on our holiday. I like busy. Busy seems to help make the time go faster. Life has a tendency of doing that; disappearing pretty quickly - unless you're waiting on something special and important; then it slows down to a crawl. An actual shot at a transfer, a shot at a pregnancy, feels a million miles away. 
I'm looking forward to some soul searching while we're away in Fiji. I need a bit of distance to get away from everything. To look at my family and appreciate every moment we spend together, just the three of us, in a beautiful place in a special part of the world. I'm hopeful that we can come back with a fresh outlook on things.
It has to all turn out okay eventually.. right?

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Emilie said...

It will. It always does. Keep your chin up. I'm always thinking of you xx

Shannon said...

Yes. I keep telling myself that as well. It'll all turn out ok, and all of this difficulty will be a memory. It's really hard to think about everything you have to get through to get to that point though. Like you said, it feels a million years away.

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