9dp5dt & Thinking Ahead

You know what sucks even more than a random puking bug in the middle of the night? NOT BEING PREGNANT.

Seriously, I spent hours in the bathroom this morning, sick as a dog (with no idea what caused it) & no, I'm definitely not pregnant from this cycle. Being knocked up is about the only time when I wouldn't mind having my head in the loo for a few hours. Being as infertile as ever & still barfing? That's just plain mean.

All lurgies aside, we're still just plugging away. Tomorrow is my official blood test, so as soon as that's done, I'll be quitting the progesterone & the progynova. Can't wait to have a break from those two things, to be honest. Bring on a bleed!

I've been in touch with my new clinic, who you might recall, we swapped to in May after another disastrous stim cycle at our previous one. With all the time we've spent chatting to them, we've still not had the opportunity to do a full stim with them yet; we were busy moving over & dealing with the frozen embryos. Now that those options have fizzled out, it's time to look ahead and plan what to do next.

Originally, they had designed a protocol for me that looked a bit like this:

*antagonist (short) cycle, starting with jabs day 2
*200iu of Gonal-F
*orgalutran as the antagonist.

That was all well & good at the time - but that's the EXACT same protocol I followed in the last stim cycle, that led to increased progesterone levels pre-egg retrieval, and a freeze all. And if you go even FURTHER back to our previous stim cycle in November (also antagonist), we had the same results again: stupid, too-high too-early progesterone levels and a freeze all. You guys, I haven't had a fresh transfer since Georgia's cycle. And we've been back on this IVF train for 18 months now. That's ridiculous.

I ended up contacting them & vented my concerns about the same issues coming up again. They've decided that we will give the original cycles a go - long, down-reg protocols. I'm not sure of what dosage they will have me on yet, but it'll mean going back on the pill first & then injectables a little later.

Sure, the impatient part of me wants to do another antagonist cycle and stim NOW NOW NOW, but the logical part of me is telling me that it's a good idea to try something new. It might take longer, but hopefully the end results will be worth it. After all, it got me my little girl, you know?

The only downside apart from the longer cycle time, is that I always got less eggs retrieved doing it that way. (5 eggs/ 3 eggs respectively in down-reg vs. 13 eggs/ 10 eggs respectively in antagonist.) I'm trying to remind myself that it's quality over quantity; what good is getting more eggs when NONE of them could make it to blastocysts? But it's still scary. I'm 5 years older than I was when we started IVF.

Anyway... that's where we're at right now. Being patient. Being positive - or at least trying to be.

I mean, we're due for something spectacular soon, right? 

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annie said...

I'm so sorry you are going through ALL of this! I have really high hopes for your new clinic. You are a great advocate for yourself, and I hope you can continue to fight for what you think it right. It stinks to have to fight, when being infertile is hard enough. We know our bodies best, even if they are the "experts" I'm thinking of you all the way over here in Boston. Sending you lots of positive energy

Emilie said...

A lot of this is hard to understand as I am not familiar with the terminology but I get the general gist that this is taking longer than you want and is not protocol you're 100% happy with. Why can't you do a fresh transfer -- is it more complicated than just telling the clinic that is what you want to do?

Yes, something spectacular has to happen soon. You are OVERdue.


Jess said...

Oh, I'm really glad to hear that the new clinic is really HEARING you when you raise your concerns and flag your history for them, and that they're working with you to pick a protocol that makes the most sense for YOU. Agreed--lots of eggs would be great but you've had that a couple times now and it's done nothing for you. Hopefully this new cycle, new clinic, new protocol, and maybe fewer, but hopefully higher-quality eggs, will bring you your take-home baby.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

I think that going back to what worked with Georgia is a good idea. You have tried the different protocol and frankly it hasn't worked. I expect to be in a similar place when we are finally allowed to cycle. I didn't produce a lot of eggs during my first cycle and really only resulted in one really good embryo (which produced Izzy)....do we switch it up to an unknown or go back to what worked (although that may result in 0 or only 1 egg to transfer)??

Liz said...

It really has been a rough couple of cycles for you and I'm so sorry you've had to go through it all. It really does suck! I think changing it up and trying something different is a great idea. Hopefully a different approach will yield different results!

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