FET #6 - Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

It's been quiet around these parts lately as I haven't had much to report. I've been taking Progynova three times a day, and waiting for a scan to let us know how things are going.

That scan was today, and I was pleasantly surprised to have a lovely thick lining that looked ready to go. It was 12mm, and looked beautiful! I went and had bloods earlier this morning too, so was waiting to hear from our new clinic. I won't lie - I was hoping that after such a positive scan, we'd be all set for a transfer next week.

Instead, they are waiting on a blood hormone level that apparently didn't come back today, so will have to get in touch with me tomorrow. And when I questioned whether I should start the progesterone yet, so that we could get going on having our embryos thawed, I was told that the transfer has been scheduled for the 20th.

Hold up.... what? As in, 11 days from now.

That threw up alarm bells, so I queried to make sure she was talking about me - she said yes, HRT cycles can be delayed and that a thaw on the 15th/transfer on the 20th is what was scheduled. That makes no sense to me, since I'm ready to go now - that beautiful 12mm lining could become TOO thick in 11 days time - so I've gone into panic mode. I'm hoping to speak with one of the doctors in the morning, because this just doesn't sit well with me.

I moved clinics because I didn't feel confident with my treatment, and I have to say.. considering that this is my first go around with this new clinic, today's conversation has thrown me for a loop. Trying to keep fingers crossed that this can be sorted out somehow, because if not, I feel this cycle will already have been ruined.

Update: They've rearranged things & we're back to a transfer next week, thank goodness. No idea as to why they were initially pushing it back - but regardless, I feel better now. Next challenge is to hope for some good thawing and growing. 
Update AGAIN: Nope, we're back on for a delayed transfer on the 20th. Apparently old clinic used outdated slow freeze methods to freeze the day 1 embryos, and new clinic only uses fast-freeze, so they need to order in the right kit/cultures to ensure they thaw them properly. Unbelievable!!!

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Mel said...

Oh lovely,

So many good thoughts coming your way sweetie!! This must be an awful wait. Sounds like this new clinic is much better though. Pity they didn't start making sure they had the correct equipment days ago! Fingers crossed its all sorted and everything goes smoothly!

Much love!
Mel xo

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