After a cycle on the pill, we're gearing up to try again. This is going to be FET #7, all going well.

Nothing too exciting here: progynova (oestrogen) 3x a day, scan and bloods next week & then we see how everything is going.

If things look okay, we'll program in a transfer of one of the 4-day embryos. I asked if they'd grow them out, and they said no, they will do a morula transfer. I don't even have the energy in me to ask why, I'm just going with the flow this time around.

All of my questions and concerns and worries from previous rounds didn't have any impact on the outcomes, so I'm sort of going into this cycle fairly numb.. and with little to no expectations. Here we go again.

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Non Sequitur Chica said...

New clinic so hopefully different results. Crossing fingers for you this cycle!

Mrs Green Grass said...

Here cheering you on... I hope this is the one!

Anonymous said...

I have everything crossed for you, sending you lots of best wishes Xx

Jess said...

Everything crossed that this will be your cycle! Xo.

Rebecca said...

Hoping that all goes well.

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