The Never Ending Miscarriage

It's one thing to be impatiently waiting for your hcg levels to get back to baseline, so you can keep going. It's another thing to have them go UP again, and freak you right out.

My beta levels were 9 on November 10th.

The bleeding was tailing off at this point, so we decided to wait a full week to let the miscarriage finish, and re-test again.

My beta levels were 22 on November 17th.


I automatically went into panic mode, assuming the worst - this can't be a good thing? The bleeding has been completely gone for almost the full week. I have no cramps, signs, symptoms. Why would it go up?

My first thought is retained products of conception, because the numbers are too low at 22 to be an ectopic. I asked the clinic for their thoughts and they basically said I should wait it out a week and see what happens.

Of course, that doesn't sit well with me... and I will probably spend the next six days with my stomach in knots. I'm scared, you guys. And I'm so, so frustrated. We were supposed to be baseline by now, we were supposed to be moving ahead with one last IVF cycle before the Christmas clinic closures. Instead, we're stuck here, with potentially very bad news, and an extremely slim chance of being able to try again next month.

Why does this keep happening? One thing after the other... it's just ridiculous.

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Jess said...

Oh MAN. I am so sorry and I hope that the test next week shows that this was a blip or a lab error or... SOMETHING unimportant, and that you're back at baseline asap. XO.

Rebecca said...

Have they given you any reason as to why this keeps happening?

Heatherj said...

I'm so sorry Aly. So bloody unfair...

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Blergh. WHAT THE FUCK? I'm so sorry this keeps dragging out. I would stay on top of your clinic. Have you found any reason that this would happen through Dr. Google?

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