December By Numbers

days worth of anti-anxiety medication stored in my bathroom to get through the hard times this season.

months since we've been trying to add another baby to our family.

different tiny presents that have been lovingly wrapped and stuffed in a Santa sack.

great grandchildren that my Pop has all up, keeping him busy on his first Christmas without my Nan.

batteries powering up our pretty indoor signs this year.

days since our real tree went up, and it's still looking as lush and green now as it was then.. the perfect tree.

secret Santa gifters in my family... and nearly all of them know who's gifting who. Secret? Ha!

pills of Letrozole finished, to try and at least have a natural-ish cycle on this month off.

ornaments on our tree to remember our wee ones, even though only one of them is here with us.

hours that hubby spent assembling Miss G's Christmas gift.. and it's delightful.

parents who are sad, happy, tired and everything in between this holiday season.


incredibly excited toddler, who is loving everything about the holiday season! :)

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~Mum~ said...

and that last one makes it all worth while

<3 you all oxoxoxoxo

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