FET #8 - the date is set

The ball is rolling for 2016's first transfer.. and I'm a combination of petrified and excited.

My lining is at 11mm this time around and all hormones are fine; so we are doing a transfer in exactly a week - 2pm next Thursday.
Since this is a day 4 embryo, I rang them and asked if they could thaw it the day before, to attempt growing it out into a blastocyst, should it be suitable. They have agreed, so that led me to take a sigh of relief. Hopefully it's a lovely embryo... I think we're due for a lovely embryo after all this time!
Part of me has already written these embryos off - they picked the best one of the bunch to transfer last year, and that ended up in a painful extended miscarriage. What does that say about the remaining ones?
But part of me is still trying to be hopeful amidst the doubt. We've all heard stories of folks putting embryo after embryo back, and the last one happens to be the magical one they need. Maybe one of ours is the right one, and we just have to wait for it?
It's all out of my hands now. One more week of waiting, and then we'll take a look at this next embryo that we're throwing all of our (somewhat dwindled) hope towards. :)

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Britt said...

My everything is crossed that this is your lucky little frosty. Big hugs coming your way! xoxox

Jess said...

Everything crossed that this is the one!

Lacey Bean said...

Sending all my hope to you!!!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Everything is crossed for you!!

Rebecca said...

Remaining hopeful

~Mum~ said...

you know my thoughts - just try and keep being positive until you can't
every positive vibe helps
You have all of mine oxoxoxo (and my prayers)
I love you all xoxooxoxox

annie said...

sending you good thoughts! My 2 1/2 year old daughter is the result of a FET after two failed attempts! Just because the embryo wasn't picked first doesn't mean you should count it out. Keeping everything crossed for you.

Feisty Harriet said...

Hugs, my dear! I have all my everything crossed for and hoped for you.


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