FET #8 - I Hate Speculums

We have a blastocyst on board! Meet Olaf. :)
They thawed it last night & it grew from an early blasto into an expanding blastocyst. The embryologist rated it a grade 4AB.

Surprisingly, it looked very different to this picture when we saw it on the live screen before transfer. Even though it was tiny, I could see a really clear Inner Cell Mass - whereas on this image, I don't see it clearly at all. I'm assuming that this image was captured a little earlier in the day and that it had continued growing up until the transfer time, which I hope is a good thing.

It was a nice experience, except for the part where my cervix decided to disappear and play hard to get. We had a different doctor this time around doing the transfer who was lovely, and I think I'll request him for future transfers. It took him six (!) attempts with a speculum to get the ball rolling, but he was very gentle and very thorough.... and most of all, very kind.

Come on Olaf, lucky #8! Please stick. Please, please, please. Let this be a magical start to 2016. :)

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Kato Potato said...


dubliner in Deutschland said...

Oh good luck!!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Hi Olaf! You have strict instructions to be VERY STICKY and to STICK AROUND FOR 9 MORE MONTHS!

Britt said...

What a lovely little thing. Stick good, Olaf!

Jess said...

Everything crossed! Stick, Olaf, stick!

Feisty Harriet said...


Also, speculums are one of my very worst nightmares. Ever. (TMI ALERT! I am extra tiny down there and they have to use pediatric ones and I still cannot handle it. I generally take valium before every appointment because otherwise I will easily have a full-fledged panic attack right there on the table. Ugh.)


Cassie Dash said...

Olaf darling, you're adorable! Please stick around. So many people are rooting for you!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Sending extra sticky, boring, healthy through to a safe delivery vibes your way!

Mrs Green Grass said...

Go Olaf go!

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