25 weeks + 5 days

A few days ago, I was driving to pick up Georgia from daycare. I was all of five minutes away from her Preschool, when another car rear-ended me on a main road. Talk about the shock of my life. The other driver was at fault; young driver, not looking, didn't even see the cars ahead of him had stopped before he slammed into me.. but the damage was already done.
Thankfully the car is still driveable and doesn't look too bad (thank goodness we upgraded from our tiny compact hatch to an SUV a few months ago!) - and even more importantly, it was only ME in the car - but I went on my way, very shaken and shocked, picked up my daughter, and headed home.
After the shock wore off, I started cramping. They were really uncomfortable cramps, and then started being accompanied by tightenings, which worried me enough to call the hospital and see whether it was worth coming in. My OB is actually away on holidays, so they asked me to come to the birth unit to check on baby - better being safe than sorry.
I spent a few hours in there, monitoring the tightenings and checking on baby - she started off with quite a high heart rate (as did I!) but as time went on, she relaxed and things went back to normal. They gave me some endone for the pain, and did a Kleihauer-Betke (KB) blood test to ensure that no internal bleeding from baby to mama had taken place, as this can be an indication of future pre-term labor beginning. We found out later that this test was negative, which was a big relief.
The final verdict was that the pain was actually resulting from pulled ligaments in my uterus from where the seatbelt had jarred against my lower belly, and that I could go home with painkillers and under instruction to go back in immediately if any contraction-like pains ramped up again. I also had to see the on-call OB in a few days time to just follow up.
Fast forward to today, and I'm feeling a lot better. Still very sore and stiff, but no scary pains. The lady OB did a quick scan (really old machine, no pictures) and the first thing she commented on was her legs by her head - yep, you guessed it, still frank breech and wiggling her tush around like a pork chop. Heart rate was 161bpm and she was moving away, even though I'm still only feeling a fraction of what's going on in there. Placenta still looks attached well and nothing too scary - so I'm just supposed to take it easy and do no heavy lifting (sorry, Georgia) until the ligaments ease up.
So glad it wasn't any worse, and really relieved that baby girl is still carrying on being a fighter in there!

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Cassie Dash said...

Oh my goodness! I'm sooooo glad you and baby are okay! How scary though. Rest up and take care of yourself and I hope you're feeling back to 100% soon! xo

Kate said...

scary!! so glad you and baby are ok!

Jess said...

So sorry this happened, but so glad you guys are OK!

Lindz said...

Thank goodness, scary stuff in any circumstance but especially w Bebe in tow. Glad you're well.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are both safe.
Make sure you get Georgia's car seat replaced. Insurance should cover it automatically

Christina said...

OMG I'm so glad you are okay and so is bubs! I thought I'd check in and see how you guys are doing since I've retreated off FB for a while. I'm glad you are okay what a fright!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

How scary! Glad that everyone is okay.

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