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I've been trying to keep a list of things that I'd like to eventually purchase for our newest wee one. They're things that I haven't used with Georgia & have had no experience with - so I'd love to hear any reviews, thoughts, or alternatives from fellow mamas. Things I've already sorted include: nursery furniture, pram/capsule, video monitor for new baby, bassinet, high chair.

What I'm thinking I need....

Large Play Mat

Our house has floorboards downstairs, so I need something downstairs to soften it up a little. Last time, we used a foam alphabet mat, but it came apart constantly & drove us nuts. I'm thinking something all in one?
Love to Dream - Summer Lite Swaddle
Little miss hated having her hands out, so preferred arms tucked down and in - but these swaddles seem to be nice & cool for a hot Australian summer, and are designed with proper hip guidelines in place. How sweet is the polka dot pattern?
Pram Attachable Nappy Bag
I didn't rate our last bag, as it was fabric and didn't wear very well. I'm thinking of getting something easier to clean this time around.. but there are so many choices, I don't know where to start!
Ergo 360 Baby Carrier
I had to purchase an Ergo Sport last time, because the regular carriers didn't fit comfortably being plus sized and post pregnancy. Since then, they've released the 360 which I've heard is brilliant.
Hooded Baby Towels
I looooove towels with hoods. We are still using some of the ones we had from last time, but we need to do a big replacement shop - for Miss G AND for new baby.
What else am I missing? Help!  

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Unknown said...

My inlaws have the bubba mat and it is brilliant. The love to dream is great. The summer lite was great for naps but we most often just used the regular one with nothing underneath and he was fine.
The ergo is absolutely amazing. We used the infant insert like twice. I would use the one you already have until she is big enough to not need the insert?

Bec said...

We just bought an Ergo 360. I love it so far (baby is only 7 weeks old) BUT with the infant insert, it's so sweaty for her in there. I've looked online and there's a performance fabric and also a newer ergo than the 360, I don't remember the name but I don't think it requires an insert and is supposed to be much cooler fabric. The infant insert in the ergo would be horrible for a summer baby. I'm only dressing our little one in a singlet and light bonds wondersuit in the middle of winter and we're still getting very warm.

Anonymous said...

I did a ton of research on baby carriers and got the Lille and LOVE it. I use it for my toddler and it's great for forward facing which is hard to find. I have a neighbor who uses it for her infant without an insert (or she just rolls up a small blanket). Check it out before you get the ergo!

jess @ fushmush said...

I don't rate the Il Tutto nappy bag (pictured) at all as a two child nappy bag. I was gifted one as a present and it just did not fit all the stuff you need for two children. In fact, if you want it you can have it :D

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Here in the US the new recommendation is to swaddle with the arms out in case the baby rolls over so that swaddle wouldn't work. I bought the ergo 360 and can't wait to use it after kittle man gains some weight!

Breathe Gently said...

Sarah - that's good to know re: normal/summer lite. I might see if I can borrow one and test it out on new bub before investing!

Bec - Yikes, thanks for that. I am a sweater by nature too... so summer time could be a nightmare with that insert. Eep. :(

Anon - I've heard about the Lille... will have to hunt one down and give it a sample try on!

Jess - Ohhh, that's good feedback to have. I've not used a nappy bag in ages since G is so grown up now (sob) so it'd really only be for one baby, I guess. If you are getting rid of yours/selling, pop me an email! xx

NSC - How's the wee man doing?? Been thinking of you all settling in together! I have a bunch of Georgia's old wraps and swaddles, but they were all arms in/down too. We transitioned to arms out once she started rolling over!

Candace said...

I LOVE my Ergo 360!!! I still wear Chase (who is a large 12.5 months) comfortably in it. I tried it and the Lille Baby and preferred the 360. The Lille was a bit cumbersome to me. Plus, the Ergonhas a wide band that goes all the way around and hides my love handles, so that's a bonus! :)

Britt said...

I've got the Love to Dream swaddles and didn't mind them, but Nora was an early roller and I stopped swaddling with arms in very early on. I think carriers are totally a personal thing as to what fits well on your body. I love the Tula and wear it exclusively now. T loves the Lillebaby all season because it fits him better across the shoulders. She likes the Lillebaby in the summer because it's got a mesh part on the back so it's cooler. I've got the Kate bag from Timi and Leslie and it's AMAZING. Do you have a swing? We used ours multiple times a day for months. I also really liked a wrap when she was little but I felt uncomfortable with her in it as she got heavier. I say it's good if you can get one second hand, but not worth spending lots of coin on. SO excited for you and your little lady!

Aly said...

Would it be good for a single nappy bag? Other than water, I don't tend to carry much out for G anymore!

Unknown said...

We have a bubba mat and I love it. It's a bit pricey, but you could probably buy something similar for less.

I love it because even though we have carpet, it provides extra cushioning, which is actually good for us grown ups too when we are sitting or lying on the floor playing with bubs. Plus it's much easier to clean up spit ups etc, saves on having to put rugs or sheets down and then have to constantly wash them. My son loves the slight texture on it as it makes a bit of noise when he runs his fingers over it. The one we have has a farm pattern on one side, and a street pattern on the other, so when he's older he can use the street side to play with cars on.

Also, my son was born in October, and we used the summer lite LTD swaddle a lot over summer (we're in Melbourne). Is good on really hot nights, but I mainly used it for day naps and then the original one for overnight when it was slightly cooler. And then when he started rolling we got the LTD with the unzippable arms to help transition him to arms out, as we tried going cold turkey and he hated it. The unzippable arms were good though as he'd have one arm out for a few days, then the other, and then you can just use it as a sleeveless bag :)

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