Baby #2 - Week 25

How far along: Into Week 25 - yay!

How big is baby? This week, the baby is as big as a bunch of cauliflower.

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Sleep: Uncomfortable. :( I can't sleep on my belly anymore, and I am not a natural side sleeper, so I'm tossing and turning.

Symptoms: I'm having a lot of burning rib pain this week. I've read that it can be because of baby sitting breech and her head putting pressure upwards, and it makes sense.. but man, it really hurts.

Best moment of this week: Baby was healthy at the ultrasound, even if she is still breech.

Miss anything: BELLY SLEEPING. Also, I miss taking a head-down baby for granted.

Movement: Still either on or off. Some days she wiggles around a bit, some days not a great deal.

Food cravings: I'm feeling like a pizza. #random

Anything making you queasy or sick: This constant rib pain, it's the worst.

Gender: Girl!!

How's your mood? Fairly anxious again, but we have a bit going on at the moment. I want the baby to flip. I want to ease this rib/back pain, so I'm researching chiropractors to see if they can help.

Looking forward to: Ticking off another week.

The Bump: Feeling similar to last week, really.

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~Mum~ said...

Looking beautiful xoxoxo
not sure i like the cauliflower link LOL

Non Sequitur Chica said...

I'm impressed that you have been able to sleep on your stomach so far! I felt as soon as I got pregnant that I couldn't sleep on my stomach- it wasn't comfortable and I worried about squishing the baby (which is ridiculous). A comfortable position for me this time around has been on my side with the upper leg (the one not on the mattress) bent with the knee touching the mattress (if you can imagine this).

You are looking good!

Emilie said...

I have been SO BAD about these updates. I miss sleeping on my stomach but I have been doing the same position as NSC described above. I've been having a lot of anxiety lately, mostly regarding how much is going to change and how I'll manage working part time on top of being the primary baby caretaker and household maintainer. Pete just got promoted which is GREAT but it means he'll be working 10-12+ hour days 6 days a week and I'll be handling pretty much everything at home.

I am love-love-LOVING your bump, lady! Can't wait to "meet" this little girl <3 Hope the rib pain disappears soon and that little lady flips to head-down.

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