31 weeks + 4 days

Bed rest.

It sounds so restful, doesn't it?

I take my hat off to everyone who has been here and done this, because it is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

First up, I'm grateful to even be here, because I feel like at the very least, I am doing everything in my power to stay pregnant right now. Whether it helps or not is controversial at best, but for me and my anxiety, I know my doctor has made the right call. And with only being 29 weeks when the cervical issues were discovered, I'd rather play it safe than risky.

So bed rest it is, but restful.. it is not.

My mind is always racing, worried about things I need to do, appointments I will need to reschedule or delegate, wondering whether Georgia is coping at home or daycare, thinking about all of the baby related things I still need to do, and jobs that hubby will have to take over.

The first hospital maternity ward was busy, filled with itty bitty newborns and busy nursing staff. The second hospital is a women's health ward, which needs doors opened at all time, and is noisy noisy noisy! There are meals every few hours, medications every few hours, beeps, flashes, passers by running up and down the hallway; the works. There are visitors (oh thank you, you have no idea how much you're helping pass the time!) and CTG checks, and lots of time spent staring at the ceiling.

But the beautiful thing about this time is that I feel really connected to the baby right now. Hearing her heart beating through the regular monitoring, having the time to lie still and feel her movements, talking to her and telling her to sternly stay put and keep growing... I feel closer to her than ever.

We are over two weeks into this, and she is still baking. I'm so proud of her.

A quick ultrasound earlier this week showed that she is measuring above average in all areas, bringing her estimated weight to around the 2kg mark for 31+ weeks. I'm so relieved that if nothing else, at least I can grow babies that are nice and chunky, as every little bit helps when it comes to an earlier than expected delivery. She's tracking on par to what Georgia was - and she was 3.5kg at 36 weeks! Guess we just make tall baby girls! :)

Keep your fingers crossed that we can get to the next milestone of 32 weeks this Saturday!

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Unknown said...

Yay! Hang in there! I made it my goal to read all of Jane Austen's novels before the pre-eclampsia got bad enough that Bubs would need to be ejected- almost got through them all too! Don't know what I would have done without my kindle!

Jess said...

This sounds so hard, but you are doing awesome and it sounds like baby is too!

Christina C said...

Glad you're both doing well!

Amy said...

Been thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Bed rest is pretty much the opposite of restful. I mean, no physical activity, but it's a huge mental marathon. People always were telling me that I could catch up with reading or things like that, but I found that I just couldn't concentrate on much - wound up reading very light books or watching not-too-hard to follow TV shows/movies. It was almost like I needed to focus all my energy on just being and staying pregnant. Good luck with yours and hoping it goes well.

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