32 weeks + 2 days

I'm back home!

My doctors finally spoke to each other and agreed that since I'd made it from 29 to 32 weeks with no additional cervical opening or preterm labour scares (plus the fact that the baby is seemingly doing very well in there) I could finish up at the hospital and continue my bed rest back here.
So here we are, enjoying the comforts of home and LOVING it - I have my little sofa station all set up with the television, laptop, dvd's, books and puzzles. Up for loo breaks and seated showers. I'm only letting myself go upstairs once a day (just before bedtime) - the rest of the time I'm down here permanently.
While I'm so chuffed to be home, my doctor did remind me that it's just as if I was at hospital - same resting conditions, with the goal continuing to be keeping this baby in as long as possible. I'm breaking it into milestones again:
First: Make it to 33 weeks
Next: Stretch it out to 34 weeks
Dream: Get safely to 36 weeks (I wish!)
I see my OB on Thursday for a follow up appointment, and we'll take it from there. For now, I am just enjoying the feeling of my little one wiggling away in my belly. Keep on growing, kid! :) 

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K said...

Yay! I am so happy for you. Hopefully this will make the next 2 or 4 weeks easier on the whole family.

Feisty Harriet said...

Yaaaay! Come on, baby! You REAAAALLY are gonna have a cush gig on the INSIDE for a few more weeks. Pinky swear!


Jess said...

Yay! I'm so glad you get to be at home!

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