Baby #2 - Week 30

How far along: Today we officially hit 30 weeks. I have never felt so relieved to leave the 20's behind!

How big is baby? A loaf of bread.. just a heavy one.

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Sleep: You'd think I'd be super well rested being on bed rest, but honestly? I miss my bed. :(

Symptoms: Paranoia. Cramping. Excessive discharge. Twinges to the cervix. I'm on high alert.

Best moment of this week: Simply getting here. After all of the frightening news on Tuesday, I'm taking each day as a victory at this point. One day .. and maybe week, if  we're lucky... at a time.

Miss anything: I miss my family. I miss being able to do things without fear of preterm labour starting.

Movement: Lying with your feet up and not a lot to do all day actually means I'm feeling her a lot more at the moment. She is a cheeky girl, this one. Loves hiding from the midwives.

Food cravings: Any non-hospital food. I'd love a bag of hot chips right now!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Some of the medications, but I'm going to start weaning off the antibiotics soon, unless my water breaks.

Gender: Girl!!

How's your mood? I'm up and down. I'm scared out of my mind about this baby being too small, and about a long and extended NICU stay. I'm disappointed because I had dreamed of a birth where the baby would come with me and we'd have that immediate bonding and closeness that we missed the first time around when Georgia was in special care. I'm angry because my body is apparently a bit of an asshole, and couldn't we just enjoy ONE nice part of this pregnancy with no stress? But mostly I'm just grateful I'm here, have good care, and hoping that all will work out okay.

Looking forward to: Every time I get to hear the baby on the doppler. All this is worth it for a healthy little girl. I'm also just hoping to tick off each day as it comes. Bring on tomorrow!

The Bump: I feel like lying down these past few days have seen it become less pointy and more wide.

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~Mum~ said...

are you standing up to take that picture tsk tsk
go lie down
Love you baby girl ... wish we could talk better on that darned phone

remember just relax and zen

Unknown said...

I missed your last post somehow! I hope that cervix calms down and stays put! It is difficult having a preemie and spending time in the NICU, and though it doesn't seem like it at the time, time does pass quickly. My little girl was 1.08kg at 32 weeks (severe IUGR and pre-eclampsia- only had one round of steroids) and she sailed through the NICU, only 6 hours on CPAP and has been extremely healthy, hitting her milestones, the whole lot! When I was first hospitalized (at 30 weeks with mild pre-eclampsia) I met a woman expecting her first at 28 weeks with cervical incompetency, and she delivered at 36 weeks and her little boy spent just a few days in the low care NICU room, leaving just before we did. So it can be done! If you can, take a wheel-chair tour of the NICU- it helps to get a lay of the land. Sending closed thoughts towards your uncooperative cervix! xx

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