A Haiku Kind of Day.

Bomb scare at my work,
Left us standing in the street.
My feet really hurt.

Old re-runs of Friends,
I need to get this boxset.
Loving Rachel's hair.

Wanting a pet now,
Going to write to landlord.
Keeping fingers crossed.

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-R- said...

1. Scary.
2. Did you have all the DVDs back in Australia?
3. Good luck!

The Casual Perfectionist said...

Here's my haiku for you:

Explosions are bad!
I love watching old shows, too!
Pets can make your day!


La said...

I meant "series". Man, I need a nap.

La said...

Another reason why you need to come to my house - I own the entire season of Friends on DVD!!


Kristabella said...

Dude! Scary! Is everyone OK?

I love Friends!

~Mum~ said...

oh nice way to make your Mum feel good about you being on the other side of the world
especially with that other terrorist stuff we are hearing here


DOn't get a pet - seriously - you are going overseas for over a month - AND - it will break your heart when you have to come home


Julie said...

Love the Haiku.

Carrie said...

I can't do haikus very well but gosh, how scary!

After visiting a friend recently I want a bearded dragon. He was v cute. But very expensive I'm sure.

Jen said...

As much as I adore the thought of getting a kite (Jen word for cat), what will you do when you come home? You'll never be able to tear yourself apart from it, I miss my boys after a night or two. And you can't just leave it with your family... there are so many adult kitties in shelters already. It will only be 2-3 years into a 12-20 year lifespan (for an indoor cat).

I'm being the annoying person agreeing with your mother. I feel like I'd be a hypocrite telling you to get a kitten just because I love them when I'm so against getting pets when you can't care for them for their life and they end up in shelters.

Maybe something that doesn't live as long?

Emilie said...

What about an adult cat that no one wants to adopt? There are plenty of them in shelters, and usually the end up staying there the rest of their lives because no one will take them.

1218blog said...

Oh NO!
Pets Rule!

My version of a haikus. So bad at those things!

Laurel said...

Bomb scare? Hope everything turned out okay!

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