Princess of Procrastination.

Today was one of those somewhat uneventful days, where time seems to be crawling around in slow motion and then all of a sudden you look up, and the day is over.

I'm not sure that I like those days.

Seriously, the highlight of today was getting shampoo and conditioner (for piss-weak, dry hair like mine) for a whopping total of three quid. It smells nice too.

This week I've been finishing work at 4pm, meaning I'm generally home within the hour. This is about the time that I would finish work teaching last year, and earlier this year while I was teaching in London - so I'm feeling a bit spoiled. Unfortunately it doesn't last long - as of next week, I'm back to my 6:30pm finishes, which will leave me back in my usual exhausted state.

It's been a while since I arrived, and I really do need to get my hair cut soon. My fringe is at the slimy-kinked-stringy stage, where I'm lost without the help of a bobby pin or two to keep it out of my face. The rest of my hair is fairly low maintainence, but it does need some of the endy bits snipped. I've been keeping an eye out for hairdressers since I arrived here, but they're either big name salons that charge a million pounds (possibly exaggerated) for a cut, or they're dodgy barbershops that offer women's hair cuts, but only seem to have men inside. Yeah. No. I'm cheap, and I'm not a dude.

I guess I'm spoiled, since before leaving Australia I was having my hair done by a really fantastic lady that my mum recommended, who did a full shampoo, cut and blowdry for about $10. I absolutely love having my scalp massaged, so I am searching for the full salon experience, just without the dollars. Sadly London is not helping me out in that respect, and my hair is looking shaggy. Very shaggy.

Perhaps I should just let it grow out until August, and then indulge in a nice comfy American salon experience. That's if I don't wake up one morning in the meantime and start shaving my head ala Britney in frustration. The water here does nothing for hair.

Okay, could I sound any more like a girl? I promise I'm still the least girly girl around. I am actually quite proud of the fact that I'm generally a low maintainence person; no fussing around in the bathroom, just in, out, quick hair dry and I'm done. I don't really wear makeup, save for a tinted moisturiser & brown mascara if I'm feeling daring. Some days I'd love to look as glam and done-up as some of the other women on the tubes of a morning, but to be perfectly honest? I wouldn't have the foggiest clue where to start. I reckon I'd be the ideal candidate for one of those makeover shows.

I can't believe I'm still talking girly. I think I need a change of subject.

Well, if all goes well this week, I'll have been at my job for a whopping three months. Once this week is done, I need to put in a probation report, and if it's approved, I'm officially a fully fledged member of the team. Being the wee competitive little freak that I am, I can't wait to get through this week.

What else is happening? Oh, well, I'm going slightly crazy without any animals around me to look after. So crazy that I've taken to checking out the Gumtree website during my lunchbreak to see what pets are looking for new homes, because I quite honestly don't know how I'm going to cope being petless for the next three years. I know Jason thinks I'm insane, but there really hasn't been a time in my life that I've been without a companion. My pups, my bird, my bunnies, and now there's nothing. A little piece of me is dying, dying.

(Yes, dramatic. But it's true!)

I'd love to adopt one of the many kittens who are being given away because they can't find homes for them. It would be a totally spoiled indoor kitty. I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy. Well, no, I wouldn't call him Squishy. But you get the idea. Kitties can be house-trained! We have plenty of love for kitties. And considering we're here to work at this point, and saving our big travel-spree for years down the track when we leave, it'd be perfect. I've tried using the Facebook Pups & Kittens to tide me over, but the virtual pets just aint doing it for me.

I think it's a lost cause even getting my hopes up over it, but still. Worth a shot.

How's that for random ramblings?

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janet said...

I have an idea! How about you try to find some weekend pet sitting jobs, and use the money for a nice fancy haircut!

Riayn said...

How about fostering cats? Many cat shelters and rescue groups need people to care for cats and kittens before they find a forever home. Yes, it is heartbreaking when they leave because you become attached to the little guys, but it is one way you can have a pet around without the long-term commitment. Plus there is that warm glowly feeling of having helped an animal in need.

Fiona said...

janet is onto something

or you could hack you own hair with scissors and randomly start kidnapping animals fromthe neighborus. At least then someone will want them back when you have to leave london.

The Casual Perfectionist said...

You know...we got two kittens so that they would have each other when we were out and about at our day jobs. (six years ago) It worked perfectly. Granted, we have a big house and not a small flat, but it could work. Two kitties isn't any more work than one and they keep each other company.

Just a thought.
Sorry, I know this doesn't help. :)

Leslie said...

I think the fostering thing would be the way to go. It is hard to give them up, but you'd really be helping an animal in need.
Or, there's a big fat cat pawing at my hands right now as I type this that I will happily ship to you for free. You could drop her off when you come to the states in a few months. She has good potty habits and is fixed, but she does drool a little when excited.

Ree said...

I love my kitties. I can't live without a kitteh in my life. I understand completely.

Nic said...

You should definitely name your new cat squishy. It's a fantastic name. Maybe a stuffed cat would help?

Miss A said...

ten aus dollars for a haircut?!

Think of all the money you saved for all those years and that when put together, you've yourself a haircut at normal prices ;-)

Kelly said...

One of my workmates had her partner tell her he was bringing a pet scorpion home, to which she said "I don't ffin think so!"

How about a fish? Floyd was super cool and easy to look after. I miss him :-(

Becs said...

I've been in London for 9 years and it's taken me ages to find cheap(ish) and good hairdresser!

Try Ash (Floral St, Cov Gdn) - ask for Ringo, she is very good. It's 42 pounds so very good price (comparatively). Hair by Fairy in Neal's Yard (Cov Gdn) is also very cheap.

Or 80 pounds, try Windle Hair in Covent Garden and ask for Leslie - she is worth every penny!

Kind regards

LaLa said...

Dude... you are in LONDON. Go and register with Toni and Guy for one of their apprentice haircuts. Live a little. It's hair. It grows back.

I've done hair modelling on and off since I was 19 and have only had one cut I regretted... (the fringe... so fricking irritating) and I requested that one.

You've done so much this year to challenge and push your comfort zones.... don't stop now.

Emilie said...

I have two kitties, they're both indoor. They're very easily house trained - and if you are getting them from a shelter where they house abanoned kitties, it'll be even easier for them to get accustomed to your home. I'd also reccomend getting two - mine are twins and they would be lost without each other. They don't have to be from the same litter though, as long as you get them young enough they wont have a problem living together!

ashley said...

I too love a good head massage when I get shampooed. It's too bad that it can't be cheaper.

Kristabella said...

I definitely think you should get a kitty! It will keep you company! And they are so low maintenance.

As for the haircut, have you tried on the outskirts of London? I live in the City of Chicago and it is SO expensive, so I go out to the suburbs and it is WAY cheaper for the same thing. Maybe some co-workers can reccomend a good place.

But I'm thinking it will probably be a little more than $10. Maybe like $30.

Good luck with that!

Chiada said...

LOL I love the Nemo quote. One of my favs!

Lia said...

$10 for a wash, cut, and dry? Wow! And I thought I got a good deal here. An alternative to trying the suburbs is to try the immigrant neighborhoods: a lot of them have great hair and nail salons, at much better prices.

Virginia Gal said...

I was thinking that you should maybe find a shelter to volunteer at to meet your animal lovin' needs (ooh, that sounds dirty), but fostering would be even better. You get to have snuggles at home, know you are doing a good deed, and not contribute to the number of unwanted pets when you return to Australia in a couple years.

As long as Jason ok's and your lease allows, that is. Otherwise, back to finding the time to volunteer in person at a shelter.

Good luck with the hair thing...I'm no help.

Julie said...

During that extra week in NY you should take a quick jaunt up to Boston. You'll love it. And you can do a lot in just one day.


You know you wanna.

Operation Pink Herring said...

You should definitely foster a cat! Says a Crazy Cat Lady! Kittens are lovely and adorable, but adult cats are awesome too :) Cats have no problem being indoor-only, as long as they're not used to going outside.

Laurel said...

My hair always looks bad due to my refusal to pay NY salon prices until I am absolutely DESPERATE for a hair cut.

Why is it so expensive for someone to just give you a little snip?

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