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This weekend, I get to spend some quality time with me, myself and Oscar-kitty, since Jase is out at a stag-do and a work-do with some friends. I'm actually looking forward to some quiet time, as I still have loads of travel planning to do that will keep me busy - and I'm nothing if not a perfectionist when it comes to organising holidays.

But I thought I would put the call out to you guys for a little blogging inspiration. This is your chance to ask me anything you like, anything at all, and I will share my random ramblings with you. Old friends, new friends, random lurkers - please share a question & help keep me occupied this weekend?

There are a few ways to get involved:

Simply leave a comment on this entry if you've got a question & don't mind your name attached to it.
Leave an anonymous {oooh, mysterious!} question via my somewhat abandoned formspring account.

Easy peasy. You get to be nosey and I get to have some things to think about next week. A good trade, I think.

Also, I won a giveaway a few weeks ago that Angela {of Tomorrow is Another Day fame} was throwing - and last week my little parcel of goodness arrived. I won a pearl collar necklace {courtesy of Aloha Kitchen on Etsy} and it is so, so very me. Apologies for the blurry camera phone picture, but as you can probably tell, I am in love with it.

I wore it to a wedding today, and it matched really well with a simple dress and cardigan combination.
And also, the wedding? Was so simple and sweet and beautiful and I can't wait for my own now. Sitting in the church holding the boy's hand while listening to the ceremony gave me shivers. Bring on June!

Happy weekend everyone.. and I can't wait to see your questions. I'll check back in next week & get busy answering!

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Valerie said...

Since you're getting married, I'm sure people will be asking you this soon: Do you and your wonderful fiance plan on having kids?

Britt said...

Love the necklace!

What made you guys decide to move abroad? Were your families ok with it?

Where else do you want to live? Will you move abroad again?

And because I need a wedding question - What is your most favourite aspect of your wedding so far (besides your groom of course!) :)

Amanda said...

Would you like to have coffee with me?

Have you done your US electronic travel notice thingemy? They're going to start charging, so do it while it's free.

Maybe you were hoping for something deeper?

What are you planning on doing once you get home? Going back to work? Same field/different field?

Becky said...

Great necklace!

Have you ever been to the U.S.? Would you ever come to Washington, D.C. (hint, hint!)

Since you and J are taking such big holidays at the end of this year are you going to take a big honeymoon or scale it back a a little?

Anonymous said...

What have been the 5 highlights of your time OS?


Anonymous said...

Oh and will you go back to teaching?
Kathy (again)

Erin said...

The necklace is beautiful!

Okay, time for questions. Hmmmm...

What is your favorite episode of Buffy?

How do you feel about cheese?

When are you coming to Chicago to visit me?

Nathan Pralle said...

This is an awesome picture of you. So totally pretty. And thin!

Fuzzy Cert said...

What are your thoughts on the name 'Ian'? I cannot decide if it's too stupid or not.
May I please pop streamers at your face when you land in Sydney in December.
Just HOW upset will you be if Wally barks at you when you first see him again?
What are your thoughts on the fact that my niece has been turned into a tramp and now does a 'booty dance'?

P said...

Hahaha, CuppyCake's comment made me laugh.

Questions . . . I'll stick to my age old fail safe one.

If a movie of your life was made, who would you want to play you?

Mary (A Merry Life) said... question already got asked. Where else do you want to live?

Janet said...

Aly you look so pretty in that photo!!

My questions:

Do you plan on taking J's last name, and how do you feel about that whole decision?

Will you start teaching again when you move home?

What will your bouquet look like, if you have picked it out?

Jess said...

Have you guys discussed a timeline for having kids? Ideally, how many would you want and when would you like to have them?

Emily Jane said...

What a pretty photo and lovely necklace!

What are your favourite things about living in England, and what do you miss about Australia? I know I miss things about my home every day and it would be interesting to hear your thoughts :)

Also, are you all for traditional stag/hen nights before the wedding (including penis paraphernalia and copious amounts of drinking!) or are you planning on doing something different? I'm hoping to avoid the former (though my control is far from 100% lol) and I think D is having a football party instead of going out to the bar - I'm hoping the girls can do something GIRLY, like going to the spa, or karaoke or something. Would love to hear how you're planning on spending yours! :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the necklace!

If money were no object, what would your dream vacation be like?

Do you think you'll ever get another pet to keep OscarCat company or is he more of an only child sort of cat?

What's your guilty pleasure?

Anonymous said...

What are the Top 5 things you want to accomplish during your lifetime?

Megan said...

Love the necklace! ...And I want to add a question to the bunch. :)

My husband and I lived together for a year before getting married, and we had to learn how to live together, so we overcame a few obstacles. What has been the hardest part about living with your fiance? What do you love most about living with him?

Chantel said...

That IS a very pretty necklace! Hrmmm question (if it's not too late..)

Where in Sydney did you grow up? :-)

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