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How do people meet, get engaged and plan a wedding in less than a year - how can they possibly know enough about each other to commit for the rest of their lives? I'm a romantic by all means, but it just blows my mind.

What is the point in airlines making one-way tickets just as, if not more, expensive as return fares? I get they want the business coming back with them, but we aren't returning in that same direction!  Now I'm buying return flights just for the sake of it, which seems incredibly pointless. I'm already feeling guilty that one day flights will be held up waiting for us to board the plane for the return journey, which we never wanted to purchase in the first place.

After two years of ignoring the clothes line, why has Oscar become fascinated with it all of a sudden?

Why does putting weight on take no effort at all, but getting it off takes every little bit of strength and then some?

Is it normal for wedding traditions to be completely unfamiliar to the grooms-to-be? Jase isn't really aware of, or interested in, pre-wedding events like an engagement celebration, a bridal shower, a rehearsal dinner. Is it bad that the thought of not enjoying these events before we get married is making me miserable?

How can Disney claim to be the happiest place on earth, when it's ridiculous prices are making me unhappy?

When the tube is packed to the brim of people coming home from work AND summer tourists, why don't people move down into the middle of the carriages instead of creating hot and sweaty crowds by the doors?

Why is it that the one thing I want more than anything right now {remember this camera?} is the one thing I can't have, as we have too many other expenses right now? And why is it that everywhere I look, people are purchasing said camera, taking awesome pictures and making me more than a little bit green with envy?

Why haven't I finished this holiday planning yet when it really needs to be booked already? Get on with it, woman!

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The Modern Gal said...

You know, I wondered the same thing as your first thought for a long time. I dated the same fellow for five years and couldn't imagine getting engaged to anyone I hadn't spent a substantial amount of time with. And then I met my now fiance and got engaged in less than a year. It was completely unlike me, but every gut feeling I had said my relationship with him was different than all the rest in the right ways. Sure, there are things I'm still learning about him, but they fit in with what I already know of him, so it's not like they're big, relationship-shaking surprises.

That said -- I can't see anyone planning a wedding in less than a year! Unless they're doing a courthouse wedding or having someone plan it for them.

Uncork and Unwined said...

Dont feel bad about wanting to enjoy all of the pre-wedding fun. It only happens once in a lifetime (hopefully!), so you should savor it! My husband wasnt too familiar with any of it either. He was completely on board with it though once he found out he didnt actually have to do anything but show up! =)

Non Sequitur Chica said...

My parents got engaged within 3 months of meeting each other and have been together for 30+ years. I would not have been able to do it, but it worked for them....

Nathan Pralle said...

Yeah; me, myself, and I could never trust that the feelings I felt with a person within the first year would be sustainable throughout my entire life. But it's worked for some folks, but I think more out of luck than anything. My grandparents dated 6 weeks before his father told my grandfather he'd better "marry her or move on" as it was too expensive to date long-distance back then. So he did -- 64 years of it.

Feel better -- the only time airlines hold a plane and call for passengers is when they've checked in but not appeared at the gate. If you don't check in, they don't wait or look for you.

Jase needs to learn one, universal truth: Weddings are for the bride. His recipe to being happy is to do whatever makes the bride happy and walk into everything with a positive attitude about it. The result is that he WILL have fun as well because of the above. Been there, done that.

My wife can't wait to go to Disney again. I've never been. The prices scare THE HELL out of me.

I've adopted the philosophy that I'll never crowd to get off a plane, train, or bus. There's simply too little time in life to bother.

heidikins said...

Around these parts people get married after knowing each other for less than a year all the time (every last one of my happily-wedded siblings included.)

However, the REAL question is, would you be able to sell your return tickets to someone looking for a one-way flight from Aussie-land to London-land? I mean, if the "change of passanger" charge is only $200 bucks or something, you could make out like a bandit if someone is looking for a one-way option.


Anonymous said...

Did you check STA for flights? My one way ticket to Aus was literally half the price of the return.

My parents got engaged after 6 months and married when they had known each other for a year. Still happily married for over 27 years. But I think planning a wedding was a lot different then.

Mary (A Merry Life) said...

I've often wondered that too, but for some couples it just works. And for others they grow to know each other while married instead of before and that works too. There is no prefect formula.

Stephanie said...

My husband and I were closing in on eight years before we were married. That being said, we were in high school and college when we first started dating and got married 2 years after graduating from college. Do I think eight years is neccesary? Um NO! But I feel like after almost 12 years together I am still learning about Brooks.

I suppose there are just different phases of a relationship that I think you go through. And the initial phase is that one where as the stupid female, you want to do all things with your partner. He bikes? You now take up biking. He loves the library and coffee shops, you do too. I imagine guys do this as well but I just see so many females do it. People that still get married in that phase are just crazy to me. I think others call it the honeymoon phase.

All of that being said, Brooks and I really only got married bc society makes people get married.

As for grooms knowing anything about weddings, I think it depends on the groom. My husband knew little to nothing about weddings and the prep for it but when it came down to it, he really handled more of the details for our wedding with our wedding plannter than I did. But he was the first in his family to get married. I bet if the fiance had older sisters that he is close to that they would know more!

Steph said...

I met and married my husband within a year. We had been married 4 months before knowing eachother a year.

I also planned my own wedding with 500 guests.

How? I am super-human.

No. Just kidding. I agree with Nathan, it was mostly just dumb luck. We've been married 3.5 years.

Emily Jane said...

1. I have no idea. Two people at work have met, got engaged, and got married in less than a year and I can't imagine how they did it.

2. That happened to me in the UK!! A return ticket on the train was $140; a one-way was $142. Insanity!

Katelin said...

i can understand people getting engaged quickly after dating but i don't know how the hell they plan a wedding in under a year, it's just baffling yet amazing, haha.

Britt said...

T was so upset he didn't get pre-wedding showers (and I've had two!). He could care less about most other pre-wedding traditions though.

You can plan your trip Aly! I'm cheering for you! (Also, can you buy the two way ticket and return the return fare?)

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at how people plan elaborate weddings in just a few months. I could plan a small affair quickly but a big wedding? No way!

Chantel said...

Very thought provoking!

Why is it that it rains when you don't have your brolly!

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