Life in 140 Characters Or Less - Round II

Since I'm feeling smug and self righteous this lovely Friday morning IN SEPTEMBER {wowsers} I intend on chilling out today. The coming weekends will see us begin the packing voyage, host the in-laws again AND my brother & his girlfriend, and me heading off to Paris for a few days. Busy, busy. To celebrate all things short and sweet, here's the next batch of snippets from my life - from my 'Life in 140 characters or less' series. And if you're not already..

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  • Go away morning, can't you see I'm asleep?
  • Oscar freaks me out when he sleeps with his eyes open.
  • I'm a bit embarrassed at how many little tins of rose-tinted Vaseline lip balm I have accumulated. {four?} I am addicted to the stuff.
  • I have exactly 0 calories spare today; the obsessive-compulsive part of me really likes it when that happens.
  • Jason is about to head off to a stag do involving paintballing and strippers. Hopefully not at the same time - that might be painful.
  • Jase is being an ass-hat this morning and I'd rather like to punch him in the face.. but I will be a lady and restrain myself.
  • I don't understand why you have to pay for checking bags.. I miss the old days when that was included in the cost of your ticket.
  • I'll say it.. and you'll probably hear me say it again on the weekend.. but I'm NOT looking forward to the Notting Hill Carnival this year.
  • Kind of ironic that they are cleaning the streets for carnival, when one day from now they'll be a mess of glass, chicken bones & vomit.
  • I would seriously do a LOT of things for a few hot cinnamon donuts from the van parked across the road from us.
  • Watching British documentaries on childbirth is an interesting way to spend a Thursday evening.
  • So I wore a dress out today to the wedding.. with a new bra. And wowsers, my boobs looked ginormous. Not doing that combination again!
  • I could get out and walk faster than this stupid bus.
  • I just saw my first fox! Crazy noises coming from the backyard so looked out our window and saw him jumping over the fence.
  • Sometimes I surprise myself with really petty thoughts.
  • Would anyone like to make me a cup of tea?
Your turn: what's happening in your life right now? You have 140 characters or less to tell me.. go!

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Amanda said...

Found out this morning a friend has cancer, I hate my job, and refuse to spend the next 40 years doing, well, this.

Becky said...

Haha the ass hat one is my favorite!

Wish I'd taken today off, esp. considering I'm the ONLY one in my branch which makes for a slooow Friday.

Hilary said...

I’m working from home, but making frequent trips to the window to check out the huge waves from the approaching storm, Earl.

Fuzzy Cert said...

Why yes.. I would like to make you a cup of tea.

We will chat over tea on scones. Or something...

Emily Jane said...

I'd make you some tea! You're going to have a busy few weekends... you need one! :)

Karen said...

Enjoying a day of doing nothing but blogging and catching up on blogs and editing photos.

terra said...

I'm taking the day off work to go visit my grandmother in the hospital and catch up on school. Two weekends away from home means I've VERY behind on everything.

Chantel said...

What is your fave type of tea? I'm in love with Chai tea lately, can't get enough! I love this idea, little snippets into your life. Very cute :-) x

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