What To Do, What To Do?

Lists keep me sane. {Or at least, they help me to feel a little more sane.} There's nothing like a little organised chaos.

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Here's a quick snapshot of the bits and pieces I have to get finished over the following few weeks:
  • Pack. Pack, Pack, Pack. Those boxes aren't going to fill themselves up. Just like when we moved flats last year, I'm still amazed at just how many boxes we've accumulated over the years of being here. It's a far cry from when I arrived in London with just a suitcase and a carry-on bag to my name.

  • And that's just the shipping boxes! I also need to pack my travel suitcase - which is also not an easy task because I need to pack clothes that a) I can live in for TWO MONTHS and b) will cover me cool weather, humid weather, rainy weather, FREEZING weather, tropical weather AND hot Australian summer weather. My mind boggles.

  • Use up the food we have in our cupboards. It's harder than you might think!

  • Take another box of books over to the charity bookstore on Portobello Road. I know they'll go to good homes.

  • Write up a to-do list for Jase; what needs doing before he packs up and ships out himself.

  • Sell our television and treadmill/weights. I've put ads out, but no bites yet. It'll be good to get them gone, so we can have more space for packing boxes. And also, because we're not using them AND I'd like some extra spending money!

  • Book a few activities on our travels. More specifically, I want to arrange a Grand Canyon day trip from Vegas {any day trip recommendations?} and some Hawaii sightseeing trips, like a luau and an inter-island trip.

  • Get our travel documents all printed off and organised, one set for J and one set for me.

  • Spend lots of time cuddling Oscar, since I'm leaving in three weeks and won't be seeing him for TWO MONTHS.

  • Murder the contractors up on scaffolding outside our apartment, who have been making our place dirty and dusty thanks to whatever it is they're doing to the exterior of the building. The early morning starts also make me cranky.

  • Get some blog inspiration going for the next few months - hopefully a few scheduled posts by me AND some very special guest posters, mean you won't forget about me while I'm away. And then, I'll be back and ready to throw a billion travel pictures in your face. I can't help it, I love pictures.

  • Share with you some very random things I've discovered while cleaning the flat. Look:

  • So.. I'm assuming that I did purchase the cat litter-tray deodorant at some point, though when I can't remember. And I have no idea why it's in a foreign language, is it German? I don't know. All I know is that Tiffany the cat does not look like a happy camper. And it mustn't have worked all that well, if it's been in a drawer for three years.

    As for the the other image, why yes, that's a neon crucifix light bulb. What else would it be? I take no claim to owning that one, but I'm kind of tempted to plug it in, just to see what it looks like. I hurriedly put that one back where I found it, I don't want to be messing with anyone's religious light-bulb collection, that's for sure.

    Have you ever discovered random stuff lying around your home?

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    Becs said...

    You need to plug it in. I have to see what that looks like!

    I hope you get all your packing done soon. I know how much packing sucks!

    steph anne said...

    Wow, you really have a lot to do and you kinda got me stressed out a little bit there by reading all the things you have to do. :)

    I'm trying to eat up all the food we have in the house before buying more food and I agree... it's hard!

    Emily Jane said...

    I laughed out LOUD at the unimpressed cat and the holy light bulb!! :D

    L D said...

    We always find random things around our house!

    As for Hawaii, which island will you be on and will you have a car? If so, you MUST eat at Kin-Wah (hands down the best Chinese place in the state). Have a manapu, a pork dumpling, and a guava juice from Libby's Manapua Shop on Ala Moana beach at/near sunrise. You have to see the USS Arizona--it's moving. If you're on the Big Island, Akaka Falls is worth the walk, and you should really see the new Hawaiian astronomy center (Imiloa). You should also go up to Kilauea (HI Volanoes National Park), but it's a been erupting lately and a lot of the sights are closed. On Molokai, take the donkey ride down into the old leper colony. On Maui, try the bike rides down Haleakala or book a stay in Anya's House.

    Um ... yeah. I hope that helps.

    Karen said...

    Haha, yes that is in German (and English, Dutch, French).
    Also, WTF at that lightbulb, I did not think such things existed. Weird, seriously weird.
    Wouldn't it create one huge crucifix shadow on the wall?

    Katie said...

    You HAVE to plug it in, then take a photo and show us what it looks like! That's crazy! :D

    Becky said...

    Holy cow this to-do list is crazy! But just think - one step at a time and as you finish each of the items that's one step closer to Australia!

    (And those pictures are TOO much!)

    Hilary said...

    I am very bad about throwing out my clothes. I just get new ones, and the old stuff gets burried in my closet. So, very often, when I am looking for something I discover an article of clothing that I didn't even realize I owned. I feel like I go shopping in my closet>>>>

    velocibadgergirl said...

    I'm completely intrigued by that light bulb!

    The Modern Gal said...

    A friend of mine from college is a travel writer and takes a lot of trips where she has to pack for long periods or multiple climates. She's got some tips on her blog that might help you for your travels:



    Good luck!

    terra said...

    That light is so weird! I had no idea things like that even existed. So strange...

    Mrs. Higrens said...

    I can't say that I've ever found anything quite as strange as you shared, but 3 for 3 on housing I've purchased have had crap left by the prior owner that should have been tossed. Not presumably useful things like extra paint or carpet scraps; it's things like dirty old sponge mops or toilet brushes. WTF like I'm going to reuse those!?

    Chantel said...

    Yep sure is alot to organise and think about! You'll be missed whilst your gone x

    LOL@ Random things! :P

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