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I haven't mentioned much about wedding planning lately, because the travels have completely overtaken my brain. If people ask, I tell them what we're up to so far, and then gladly use the 'we'll be doing more when we're back in Sydney!' excuse. I've been plodding along trying not to get too far ahead of myself, and my inspiration folder is growing every day. I'll admit it, I was feeling pretty proud of myself for not turning into this whole other person, a wedding planning mutated version of my former self.

Until I looked at the date and realised how fast the next few months will go by.. and then I freaked out. There will be no excuse when I get home: I'll be throwing myself face first into the planning and the DIY-ing and the vendor-finding and all that jazz. And when people ask me what's happening and what needs doing, I'll actually need to give them real answers.. jeepers. That's scary. Maybe I'm not as organised as I thought I was.

While Jason's parents were here, we tackled a rough guest list - because one of the first things I want to do when we get back is sort that out. It's a mock one at this stage, but good to know what we're looking at in terms of numbers. It kind of terrifies me that all those people will be coming to watch us get married. I'm not a huge attention loving kind of girl, but poor Jase can't stand it - so this ought to be fun to combat. Is it too late to elope?

So here's the deal: I'm a pretty laid back fiancé. If the boy wants to go out, he goes out - as long as each of us knows roughly where the other is headed {to avoid the worries, you know} we're fine. We trust one another, and we work well with freedom. It suits us. Which brings us nicely into the subject of: the grooms pre-wedding festivities.

Right, so as I mentioned before, the boy isn't big on attention. He's never even had a birthday party, and I'm not kidding when I say that. He hates the spotlight, he hates a fuss being made and he hates having his picture taken, despite the fact that he's completely gorgeous. This blows my mind because.. I kind of love attention - in small doses!

When we talked about wedding related activities, he was quick to announce that he wasn't going to have a stag-do/bucks night. His argument was that two out of his three groomsmen lived abroad, so wouldn't necessarily be in the country in the lead-up to the wedding, so it wasn't an option. I thought that he should at least do something to celebrate pre-wedding, but we thought we'd leave it until a little later to talk about it.

Until recently, when one of his UK groomsmen decided to organise something for Jase before he leaves the UK! I'm so thrilled that he's going to get a chance to hang out with the boys here, and I think he is secretly pretty chuffed as well. No date is set yet, but I have a feeling it's going to be after I've already left for Europe - so it'll be a proper boys night out.. no strings attached! Who knows what will happen, but that's something I'm *gasp* giving the groomsmen free reign over. Hopefully they keep it classy!

As for me - well, I'm sure I'll have something fabulous with my girls once I'm home. In the meantime though, I'll be going away with two out of my three bridesmaids and exploring Europe with them, I couldn't ask for anything better than that!

(Except maybe if Jase could come along to that too.. but I'll catch him shortly after for our Pre-Wedding-Moon!)

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Chantel said...

I think I swing between wanting attention and wanting none. I had a small party at my 21st. Well I had two 21st. One at home on the farm with the family and friends that still lived around and then one in Sydney for my Sydney mates and workmates. I remember when I went to cut the cake and everyone wanted a speach and I just burst into tears and couldn't stop crying because I was so overwhelmed that everyone was there just for me. I couldn't speak, LOL. I have a video of it which is sooo funny. God help me at my wedding! :-)

Traveling across Europe with girlfriends = heaven! xx

Becky said...

Ha! I love how you say you're not a huge attention girl, and he's not an attention guy - I'm surprised you two aren't eloping!

Emily Jane said...

I totally hear you on not liking being the centre of attention - it's the thing that scares me MOST about the wedding, having all those people WATCHING me all day!!

I really hope nobody throws me a 'traditional' hen night - I told the girls no male strippers and they asked "what about female?" lol... D is not having a big stag night, it's around the time of the Grey Cup (Canadian football) and he said he's just going to have the boys over and watch the game. I even got invited :)

Britt said...

I had to specify to all of T's work friends - no strippers! They really bother me, and T didn't want to see them but had a hard time saying no to repeated pressure. I stepped in to be the B*tchy fiancee saying NO. :)

He went to the race track and watched some quarter mile racing. ;) I didn't have one. Worked well for us.

Megan said...

I love the term "stag-do" so much more than the American term of "bachelor party."

My husband never had a bachelor party. He didn't really want one, though I kept pestering him to have one. I had a small "bachelorette party." A few of my close friends and I went out to dinner. It was nice!

I'm glad J gets to have a good time with his friends before leaving!

Jess said...

Sounds like a great arrangement! Glad you guys found a way to celebrate your boy in his personal style.

steph anne said...

That's awesome that one of your groomsmen is doing that for him. :) I also have to say I agree with you both about not liking being in the spotlight but it's so much fun to be with all the ones you love and when your day comes you won't be thinking too much about it anyways. :)

Katelin said...

aw yay for him having a stag party. i mean every guy should have something even if it's small. and i love how laid back you guys are, matt and i are the same way. for his bachelor weekend i think i talked to him once? i basically said have fun, haha.

and yay for a girls weekend in europe, that will be so so fun! woo!

carly said...

both the boyfriend and i arent quiet stay at home peoples now. but i do enjoy the spotlight. not going to lie there!

for my twentyfirst i was a little disappointed. it was quiet. dinner with friends. no partying. oh wait. i think i went to the belle afterwards.

my twentieth on the other hand. that was a par-tay. lol.

as for bucks/hens nights. i have never been. i have one to go to on tomorrow night and was having major second thoughts but i spoke to the bride to be {oh crap just realised i forgot to tell her something!} and she has a hat for me. and i kinda felt 'special'. so will let you know how i go on the 'wildboys cruise' ;)

oh and if you need any help with you diy il probably only be around the corner!

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