The Third Wheel

I've been nagging my little brother to come and visit us here in London since the day I arrived here myself.

Other than travelling with our parents to California when we were younger, he has never really travelled outside of Australia. His interests didn't lie with travelling; they were with fixing up cars and spending money on the latest gadgets. We were offering him free accommodation in one of the most notoriously expensive cities in the world, and he didn't want to save for the flight to come and visit? He's crazy! I couldn't understand it. After a while, I gave up asking him about coming; he'd turned me down so many times, I knew he wasn't interested.

My little brother is actually not so little. In fact, he's considerably taller than me and possesses a metabolism that I covet, which enables him to stuff himself full of food and never gain a pound. Ridiculously unfair.

I wasn't always such a great big sister. Or maybe I was trying to be, but I didn't really know how to be one. And let's face it, he was an annoying little brat growing up - always irritating me, knowing all the right buttons to push to send me over the edge. I can't even begin to tell you how many times he managed to start something, see me snap in a spectacular fashion, and then sit back grinning while I copped all the flack from my parents. Brothers, I tell you.

He had his share of girlfriends as a young'un. And being the big sister, I judged them all and deemed them not worthy. If you know me at all, you'll know that I can pull off a pretty incredibly stern face. These girls, they were just babies. I'll admit it, I never want out of my way to be nice to them. Why would I? They weren't going to last. They weren't right for my brother, and I wasn't going to waste any time on them.

Until he met this girl. She was gorgeous - the kind of girl who cannot take a bad picture. She's sweet. She's funny. They're a perfect match. I love how she changed my little brother, and they give me the warm fuzzies.

The cuteness, it blinds me. Also, I wish J & I could get some sweet shots like that! These two make it look effortless.

Fast forward a few years, and I randomly get am email from my brother - telling me he's going to be here in September. Say, what? They are coming to London! A few phone calls, frantic text messages and late night emails later, and I found out the details: the pair were going to be in London for a week, followed by a week frolicking around Italy together before he heads back to Australia for work, and H heads to Europe with her girlfriends.

I am so, so excited for them to be here. They'll get to see our cosy little apartment and they'll get to see the city we've called home for the past three years.They'll get to travel internationally together for the first time. When they were planning, they mentioned wanting to visit Disneyland Paris, and having been there a few times (hi, I'm obsessed!) I began throwing a million ideas their way to help them with their planning.

Then something awesome happened; they invited us to go with them! Unfortunately Jase is working so isn't available, but I jumped at the chance to visit one more time - so from this Monday to Wednesday, I'll be off in France with my sibling and relishing being a third wheel. Paris, je t'aime! It's one of my favourite cities.

But aside from all of that, we do have one more ulterior motive to be so excited about their visit. My brother doesn't know it yet, but Jason is planning on asking him to be a groomsman on our wedding day. It would be awesome to have him involved, I can't wait to see his expression. I hope he'll be as excited about it as we are!

Did you, or are you planning to involve your siblings in your bridal party?

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Fiona said...

I was in my sister's and Rish was in his brother's. No returning the favour though ;) Not cos we don't love em.

Fuzzy Cert said...

Your Bro and H are just adorable together. I also think that H is the cutest thing ever.

I would love to have my sister standing up there with me if I ever were to get married... but at the same time, I know she hates that kind of attention, so I don't think she'd do it.

Becky said...

Enjoy the visit! My sister and my husband's sister were both bridesmaids but my brother and his wife weren't in the wedding because they got married about four months before we did. Initially all of us were in each other's weddings but it ended up being too stressful (my husband also graduated in another state the night before my brother's wedding), so we decided to just love each other from the audience and it worked out great!

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Such a lovely shot...

My brother and MPS's brother were groomsmen in our wedding. Neither of our brothers plan on getting married to their significant others, so I managed to dodge the taffeta bullet there!

Catt said...

im heading to paris in late october and I to are hitting up disneyland paris.. im a disney nut hehe!! i had my sister in my bridal party.. i think it was a given i dont recall specically asking her..

Karen said...

Oh, I know all about little brothers. Nowadays my brother and I get along pretty well, though.

Have a great time with them! And that is a lovely picture!

Angela Noelle said...

Aw, that's great! Have so much fun :)

heidikins said...

Have so much fun! I'm so excited for all of you!

Also--in my world there are few bonafide wedding parties, and the ones that are cobbled together are usually made up of siblings and close friends. I've been in all of my sibling's "parties", as well as a few close friends.


Julie Q said...

awww that's awesome! You guys will have an awesome time in Paris hanging out with mickey and minnie :)

~Mum~ said...

this post made me cry for so many reasons

I'm so thrilled that both my kids have found the wonderful partners they deserve


steph anne said...

Aww, I'm glad he's coming to see you in London! Be sure to take pictures. :)

All of our siblings were in our wedding. It was perfect anyways since I only have a sister and he has 3 brothers. It was a huge bridal party though....6 on each side = more money on groomsmen/bridesmaid gifts. Whew!

Chantel said...

Awwwww they do look cute! I hope you have a fab time with your bro and his girlfriend in Paris! Can't wait to hear his reaction to be in the bridal party!

When one of my brothers got married I was a bridesmaid and have been a MOH for my friend :-) It's been ages since I've been to a wedding! It's such a special honour to be chosen xx

Emily Jane said...

Aww so awesome!! :)

Unfortunately my brother and I were never close, but D's sisters are going to be in the bridal party, and I'm excited to get to bond that much more with them through such a monumentous time:)

Jess said...

Yay, I hope you're having fun with them! My sister was my maid of honor.

Stephanie said...

My older sister was my matron of honor, my little brother my ringbearer, and my neice the flower girl. My SIL read a peice at the wedding and my FIL sang. Considering we only had a best man and maid of honor, it was pretty much all family!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for your brother visiting! Have fun traveling with him!

Megan said...

My sister was my maid of honor, and my brother was an usher. My husband's brother was the best man. They were our entire wedding party. It was nice to just have our siblings in the wedding party!

Margaret said...

Oh how wonderful that he is coming - and that you get to go along to Disneyworld Paris. I think I would go too - third wheel or not LOL.

When I got married I asked my younger sister and my soon to be sister in law to be my bridesmaids. My elder sister lives in Canada so that wasn't an option. I only wanted the two as they meant the most to me. My husband, on the other hand, felt he needed a cousin, a best mate, a future brother in law, and a defacto brother (his sister was an exchange student in Sweden for a year and her exchange brother was in our wedding party!)

Yes the numbers were uneven. Yes it was not traditional. But it was a great party and I loved sharing every minute with them.

I think you should choose whomever you wish most to be in your wedding. x

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