Bras With Memory - Who Knew?

Teaching has seen me disappear from the blog-world over the last fortnight. I never expected it to take so much out of me, yet here I am - drowning in programming, paperwork & staff meetings. I've already (yes, already!) succumbed to my first cold of the year, and am suffering most miserably: apparently working outside of schools for the past few years hasn't helped my weak little immune system, it's currently taking a bit of a beating.

What I have been meaning to write about though is a great opportunity I've been meaning to share on the blog. I was approached by the lovely folks at Lisca to wear and review their newest product, the Smart Memory Bra. I'm always on the lookout for new bras - I tend to be the type of girl who finds one she likes and then sticks to it. I've been a sucker for the old Bonds tshirt bras for years now, only they seem to have changed their style over time and I've been meaning to find a new top contender. The Smart Memory Bra came to me at just the right time. 
First things first, it's gorgeous:
Okay, so I don't look like the model pictured above when I wear it, but it does give me a lovely little lift in the boobal-region. In fact, I wore it the other day to a wedding dress fitting with my mum, who was rather impressed to see how perky everything was looking. (Perky is not a word I hear often when referencing my 16-D/DD ladies, so I'm taking that as a big compliment to the bra. And to the boobs.)
It's always a bit of a gamble purchasing intimate apparel online, but I did a quick estimate on my sizing and was thrilled to have it fit perfectly. The straps and seams are very comfortable, and the cups are fantastic. Lisca has designed the bra using high-tech foam that 'remembers' the shapes pressed up against it - meaning that it moulds to fit each woman's individual breasts. You can tell it's different from regular bras just by squishing the cups together - it's really flexible. It adjusts to temperature changes, and can soften or harden accordingly - apparently it's great for exercising for that reason, though I personally still prefer a harness (also known as a sports bra) to work out.
The bra comes in black and red, and they've recently introduced a nude colour - I'm very, very tempted to grab myself one of those, it'll go perfectly under tops and dresses in lighter colours. It retails at $74.95 (plus shipping), ranges from sizes 10-18, A-D & can be purchased online. It's quickly become my favourite bra to wear, and I definitely recommend checking it out!
If you'd like a product to be trialled & reviewed on Breathe Gently, feel free to drop me a line: blog[at]

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Nathan Pralle said...

What, no action shots? I *was* going to buy it, but then...well. So much for that. ;)

Angela Noelle said...

My tiny little boobies and I just buy the cheapies from Target :/ I guess that's the one positive of having a miniature chestal region!

terra said...

Hehehe...boobal-region...hehehehe. Best term for boobs ever. Also: breasticles.

And I swear I'm not really a 13 year old boy. Promise. I just act like one sometimes.

K said...

Ooooooh a product review, my my Aly dear, how we have grown!

That bra is awesome. And after discovering we are the same size I'm seriously tempted, because it's just so damn hard to find a decent bra! But the price is just way too much for me right now. Will keep it in mind though!

@Terra: Breasticles = awesome.
And don't worry, my man's a few months off 30 and when I wear a low cut top he squeals and exclaims "BOOBIES!!!

Erin said...

Hmmm, I might have to give this a try...once I can wear normal people bras again!

steph anne said...

Oooh, a product review on bras?! Fun! I'm so picky when it comes to bras. I'll have to check that website out!

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