I've always been a bit on the fence when it comes to whooga boots.

Having lived in London for three years, I'm no stranger to seeing them out and about on the streets - sometimes paired with interesting clothing choices in the dead of winter. As for me, well, as much as I loved the look of them, I never bought into the whole thing - particularly spending hundreds of pounds (or more, in Aussie dollars) for a pair of original Uggs. To be honest, I always thought that they were just a phase.

It seems like I was wrong though, because they're still here... & it looks like they're here to stay! Recently I was contacted by the lovely folks at Whooga Boots, to check out a pair of their newest designs.

I was sent a pair of Classic Tall Black Uggs that arrived in a gorgeous big box. To be fair while writing about my experience with the boots, I have clomped around in them for the past few days - despite it being 31 degrees in Sydney, again. (Where is this Autumn that's supposed to be here?) Suffice it to say that a few days later, I'm in love with them, and I may just be won over. While I'm still not sure about wearing them out in public, I thought the black colour would be less conspicuous than the usual chestnut colour.

They are so, so comfortable. I can't even describe how soft the special 'Thermofleece' lining is - it's so puffy! And, while I'm wearing them in warmer weather, my feet haven't had that nasty sweaty feeling that I've had from my old ones in the past. Apparently, this is due to the lining circulating air & also avoids smelly wafts coming from your feet at the end of the day. Best of all, they're stylish, well made, and rival nearly any boot I've seen for sale in stores.

My only gripe over the boots is one that I have with ANY calf-related footwear: and that is, they are very snug. I don't have giant calves, but they don't leave a lot of room for movement - I'm hoping that this is something that will stretch over time, because I'd love to wear them over jeans. As they are now, I'll struggle to get them on over leggings! That being said, I'm determined to break them in by winter.

The folks over at Whooga Boots have even been so kind as to offer a discount code for anyone interested in nabbing themselves a pair. Just enter the following code at the check-out to take advantage: 1592POSEAND

Happy ugg-ing & here's hoping the cold weather sets in soon so I can make more use of these puppies.

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