IVF #2 Grab 'n Stab: Day 9

So, I have some not-so-great updates for IVF #2. First up, some levels from the past few days.

Wednesday (Day 7 of stims) - E2: 2373 & Progesterone: 2.5
Friday (Day 9 of stims) - E2: 3557 & Progesterone 3.5

All looking good on that front, so that made me happy. :) Last time at day 9, I was only at 1898, so I'm going to hope that means the follicles are much more mature this time around? That's got to be good.

As for this morning's appointment, I was a hot mess. The lab technician dug around in my arm something fierce to find a vein, and I've got a lovely bruise to show for it. As for the ultrasound, I was desperately wanting to see higher numbers than last time around - especially since I've felt so huge and bloated.

Unfortunately, the scan showed only 4 follicles over 14mm, and 10 follicles over 10mm, though not by much.


Seriously? Are you freaking kidding me?

I must have looked really disappointed this morning, because this afternoon I got a phone call from Dr. F personally - checking in on me and seeing how I'm doing. My levels are ok. She told me not to worry, gave me the quality over quantity speech, and said that if we're lucky, 1 or 2 of the smaller follicles might catch up over the weekend. I understand she's being positive, but still, it's hard to stay positive about this round (even this early on) when my options are so limited.

Egg retrieval is scheduled for Monday at 9am. I trigger tomorrow night, with a 38 hour window to hopefully let my eggs mature that little bit more. God only knows how many they'll find at retrieval, but I'm scared.

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Anonymous said...

My second IVF was cancelled. I have six follies lovely big size, but only 2 were mature on collection and then only 1 fertilised but never progressed past one cell with two pronuclei.

By comparison my 3rd IVF I had 3 largish follies and 3 smaller ones, but once again only 2 were mature. We transfered 2 embies with no success.

Then came the magic IVF#4. 4 big follies. All 4 mature. All 4 fertilised. We transfered 3 perfect day 3 embies and I have bautiful twins today.

I really did believe and still do the story of quality over quantity, but maybe I had to as I was diagnosed as a poor responder.

Wishing you the very bestest of luck for retrieval and a BFP at the end of the wait.

Stopping in from ICLW

Ali @ Not All Dreams Are Free said...

I think you just have to believe what the doctor says about quality over quantity. She took the time to call you and explain the situation, and I take that as a positive thing. I've read that it's often the case that people who produce loads of eggs, end up only having a few that are of good enough quality to work with. Try to relax this weekend, despite your bloated belly. There's some great movies on at the cinema, so maybe you and Hubby could distract yourself for a couple of hours. I'll be thinking of you, and wishing you all the best of luck on Monday morning!!

Liz said...

Estradiol can be a measure of how many mature follicles or how many follicles there are total, since they all produce estradiol. I really hope you are pleasantly surprised and get a nice bunch of healthy and mature eggs. Try not to worry about it though, think positive thoughts!! There's nothing you can do to control the outcome.

Mrs. Higrens said...

Oh Aly, a great big over the internet hug to you. Our bodies can be so frustrating!

Sending lots of extra good vibes your way that this is it for you, that your four eggies stay strong and are joined by several more, that those then party nice with the boys, and go on to magical wondrous things when returned to you for safe keeping.

Just T said...

That number seems awful high for the number of bigger follies you have. I hope that you are also surprised on retrieval with more then you expected!

You are going to do great :)

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Come on follicles!!! I would try to listen to the doctor....although I'm sure that is going to be hard.

ehomaha said...

I'm sorry! But I do agree with the Dr, just try to hang in there and distract yourself a lot this weekend :) I'll be sending you lots of good thoughts for Monday!!

Shelley @ Tales from the Waiting Room said...

You may be surprised what they find on retrieval day! Your numbers are so high, it's likely you have a bunch of smaller follicles that can catch up. At this rate, 38 hours is a long time! Don't lose faith. :0)

L said...

Wow, your estradiol is so high, you've gotta have a lot of other ones hiding in there. Don't give up hope!!! There's still time :)

sass @ (In)fertility Unexplained said...

You won't really know until retrieval, but it's hard not to worry. One of the biggest lessons I learned after our IVFs is that it really is quality over quantity. Fingers crossed that things look better at retrieval. All you need is 1 little trouper to stick around.

Mrs Green Grass said...

I firmly believe in quality over quantity. And remember last time you had that one big follie that was sucking up all the meds? Now you have a bunch all clustered together. That's good. Did he say why he wants to do Monday and not wait a bit longer? Either way. They should keep growing 2mm a day until then...

Olivia the First Time Mom said...

Aly- don't worry yet. I know this will all work out for you. And the quality is so much more important- that is why I have my daughter and am pregnant with the twins. I never had amazing numbers- but all it takes are one or two great embryos.

It will happen.

Sweet Mama M said...

That effing sucks, hun... I am hoping and praying that this is THE cycle for you and I wish that there was a way that this time could be less stressful for you.
Sending you fertile vibes from across the Tasman!
Lots of love, a lurking TTC Kiwi Bee xoxo

dspence said...

Thinking of and praying for you.

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