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Life's been busy here lately. Sure, the school holidays are half over; but I've been cramming in all kinds of jobs. They're things that most people would do whenever, but I do them now - midday appointments, car servicing, dental visits. Gulp. (The dentist thing is next Friday... hold me.)

I've also been trying to get some reading in, and (at the perfect time) received a parcel from Harlequin with two fiction novels, perfect! I'm halfway through Boomerang Bride as we speak, which just proves that even though we're officially no longer newlyweds, I still love all things wedding! Best of all, if you or any of your friends are engaged and planning your big day, there's a great competition going on that you can enter... winning a wedding dress!

But, even though my wedding stress is over... life can still have its stressful moments. The kind folks from HardtoFind in Australia recently sent me a gift from their website to play with. It was going to be a random surprise, so I was very excited to see what would turn up.
The concept behind the website is simple and clever: a quick and easy online boutique for cute products, designed for gift givers on the run. My gift was the Stress Saver box for women. It came in the cutest chinese take-out box, and contained all sorts of goodies for women to use in all situations. Speaking of weddings, it would've been a perfect box to have around during our crazy wedding morning!
The only thing I was missing from my kit was a batch of pantyliners, but that's just based on the website's specifications. Oh, and the lollipop - hubby stole that just after I took this picture! Still, I love that it's small, it's compact & it's useful. It'd be a good pressie for a mum, a bride-to-be, or heck, even a teacher like me.
*I received products to trial, read & review from The Mint Partners & Harlequin Australia - all reviews are my own. If you are interested in a product review appearing on Breathe Gently, please email me.

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CBrain said...

Yay to holidays and playing catch up with the admin of life.

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