10 weeks + 5 days

I'm sure some of my IF-er friends can help me out on today's subject: the great progesterone debate.

To give you a bit of history..

For IVF #1, my progesterone support was just Crinone gel. I used it for 15 days, but got my BFN before I'd run out anyway, with AF following not far behind. For IVF #2, my fertility specialist told me that I'd be using Crinone gel + progesterone pessaries - and if we got lucky with a pregnancy, I'd continue the pessary support up to 10 weeks, to keep supporting healthy growth.

Well, we did get lucky, and here we are now.

I've been taking two vaginal pessaries each day, one in the morning & one at night, and being diligent about lying down for 30 minutes each time, to insure maximum absorption. It's become a comfort thing for me, knowing that there's at least something that I'm doing to try and help our little one stick around. That's all well and good, except the time has come & the pessaries are running low.

At our OB visit this past Tuesday, I asked him about it - he said that we're fine to stop cold turkey, that the placenta should be well and truly capable of supporting the baby. He also said that two ultrasounds have shown a heartbeat, and that baby is growing, so not to worry.

Ha! Of course I'm going to worry. It's what I do!

So.. here's my plan. I have enough progesterone pessaries to either go another 4 days, morning & night. OR, I have enough to last me 8 days, once a day, to get me through to 12 weeks. I'm leaning towards weaning off and having it in the mornings only, just to last that little bit longer.

Has anyone had any experiences of finishing progesterone support that they could share to make me feel better? :)

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Mrs Green Grass said...

I don't think it matters at all. My RE forgot to tell me when to stop, then my OB said it wouldn't do anything at all anymore. If you're really worried, add the extra few days, but after you make a decision, just stick with it and don't stress!

Just T said...

Do whatever makes you comfortable. If you decide to use 1 a day for 8 days or the other. Either way it won't hurt for you to continue with it.

Bella said...

I understand and like you will face this debate in a few more weeks. After ET I was on Crinone in the AM and Progesterone Pessary in the PM. After the first two beta hcg results came back positive and increasing we dropped to only the progesterone pessary at night.

My FS intends to stop if there is a heartbeat at my 7 week scan on the 8th... Urghhh nervous!!! I would wean down over 8 days and follow up with blood test to ensure your progesterone levels are still ok or scan for comfort. Goodluck. Trust your body its doing all the right things with your bubba,

Mrs. Higrens said...

I think I stopped cold turkey, with relief to be done with the mess, at about 8 weeks?

Angela Noelle said...

I quit progesterone and estrogen cold turkey at 8 weeks and both babies are still here at 32 weeks :) But honestly, as long as your doctor is okay with it, if it makes you feel better to wean yourself off, go for it. The less stress for you, the better.

Anonymous said...


This is Pippi01 here! I am in the same boat! On 3 a day until week 10. But I am worried with going cold turkey. My Dr said that things will be fine. I may slowly go off them. 2 then 1 a day for a week.

Tiffany said...

I say wean off because that's what I've been told to do with all medicines, so it's ingrained in me at this point! But when it comes to this, as long as youir doctor is fine with it, I'd think you're fine either way! Good luck!!

L said...

I was using the crinone from the time of my retrieval until about 8 weeks and although I should have even nervous stopping them, I was so glad to be done with the nastiness that i haven't even thought twice about it!!

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