8 weeks + 6 days

I like numbers. Especially when they make things go by faster. Here are some of our upcoming milestones:

One day until we hit 9 weeks.

Five days until Jase & I celebrate our 10-year {dating} anniversary. A decade - can you believe it?

Six days until the school holidays begin - two weeks free of work, joy!

Eight days until we hit double digits.

Nine days until our OB visit - I'm really looking forward to meeting him for the first time!

Twenty-two days until our NT scan at 12 weeks.

What are you counting down to lately?

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velocibadgergirl said...

I'm looking forward to a camping trip the last weekend of September and our anatomy scan on October 8th!

Carly said...

I just did up one too ;)


I am looking forward to a lot of things, but mostly our one year anniversary!

Liv said...

I'm counting down to October 4th =) That's when we get our ultrasound and find out the gender of our baby.

terra said...

Oh wow! Congrats on a decade as a couple! That's outstanding! <3

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